A guide to things to do in Agadir

A modern Moroccan city, almost completely rebuilt in 1960, Agadir has quite a western feel about it. Many of the available activities and entertainment have been built with European tourists in mind so there are animal parks, golf courses and casinos, among places that are distinctly Moroccan. Holidays to Agadir are awash with things to do, but here are a few we think you’ll particularly enjoy.

Top things to do in Agadir

Agadir beach

Probably one of Agadir’s biggest draws is the huge stretch of glorious white sand that stretches across its curving shoreline. For a sunny beach getaway, Agadir hits the nail on the head!

So of course it’s no surprise lazing on the soft white sands is a must-do in Agadir. There’s plenty of chairs or sunbeds for hire to simply sit back and listen to the waves, or if you love to get in the water, there’s an array of watersports to try out too.

If you’re not a beach person, it’s just as rewarding to take a stroll along the beach’s long and pretty promenade. There’s an abundance of cafes and restaurants to choose from if you’re in need of some refreshment. With the mountains as a brilliant backdrop to the beach, this is a top spot to enjoy some chill time during your Agadir escape.

Souk El Had

You can’t come to Morocco without experiencing a stroll through a local souk! If you love visiting local markets, then this is one of the best things to do in Agadir.

Souk El Had is Agadir’s main market, where you’ll find around 6,000 stalls (yes, you read that right!) selling everything from the likes of perfume and clothes to spices, fresh fruit, carpets and pottery. It’s quite a magnificent sight!

This market is open Tuesday to Sunday every day between 8am and 6pm, so you’re sure to be able to drop by during your holiday. Whether you want some custom-made clothing or quality argan oil for your hair, you can find it here at Souk El Had! And best of all, if you’re ready to have a little barter, you can bag some absolute bargains on your souvenirs. You might want to leave a little room in your case to bring things back!

Things to do with kids in Agadir


Kids (or any animal lovers in the family!) will love this one. Crocopark is one of the biggest attractions in the area, consisting of a wonderful wildlife reserve that safeguards – you guessed it, crocodiles.

Up until the early 20th century, crocodiles were in abundance in Morocco – but have since sadly been wiped out due to hunting in the wild. This park therefore has dedicated its efforts in safeguarding as many of the animals as it can. The environment here has been carefully created to mimic their natural habitat, so you’ll feel as though you’re appreciating them from within the wild.

The gardens of the park consist of a beautiful range of flora and fauna, showcasing some of the exotic plants from within the Agadir region and beyond. Thanks to the knowledgeable staff here, you can learn so much about these captivating creatures and of course, get to see them up close and personal! It’s a fun, maybe slightly thrilling, day out for all the family in Agadir.

Souss Massa Medina

After the awful earthquake in 1960 left devastation in the city, many sites were rebuilt and reconstructed, including the Medina of Agadir. The super talented architect Coco Polizzi designed the reconstruction to imitate the original and still showcase Agadir’s beautiful ancient architecture by using the same techniques. 

As you enter the Medina you’ll feel like you’re stepping back in time  or onto a movie set. It’s a great day out for the family because there’s photo opportunities around every corner which means lasting memories for all – plus, you can keep the kids entertained by making them recreate movie scenes.

Things to do as a couple in Agadir

Adventure and adrenaline

Agadir is a beautiful city to explore, but how about exploring it from a bird’s eye view? Hot Air Balloon rides are available in Agadir and are the perfect way for a unique experience with your special someone. Marvel at the Atlas Mountains, watch as the sun rises over the desert and enjoy the stunning views of the traditional villages. 

If staying firmly grounded is more your thing then explore the desert by 4×4. Seek out the secluded beaches and experience the golden dunes in a fun and unique way. There’s a plethora of jeep safaris and 4×4 tours available in Agadir all of which offer different itineraries and timings but will give you the same incredible experience and views for you and your partner.

Experience the modern amenities

Agadir is a big city with many things to do that’ll make you feel right at home, but with a twist of Moroccan architecture and landscape. The city has a love of casinos, with four in total to visit, but that pales in comparison to the number of spas – nearly 30 in all. Or if you’re a fan of golf, you can try out one of Agadir’s six golf courses and training centres. Hop on La Grande Roue big wheel beside the beach to spin up in the air and take in the views – you can even spot what you want to do next.

As modern as some areas and amenities may be in Agadir, there’s still the chance to sample authentic Moroccan food and drink. Enjoy delicious platters of meat skewers, hearty steaks and zingy fish dishes, of course with a side of Moroccan couscous. You won’t be stumped for options as you’ll find restaurants from all corners of the world here, all elevated with a Moroccan flare and service. 

After your meal, you’ll be pleased to know Agadir is still well and truly alive. The nightlife here covers every angle you could wish for, with everything from traditional English themed pubs to Caribbean themed cocktail bars and nightclubs that keep going until sunrise.

Things to do for free in Agadir

Agadir Oufella Kasbah

One for any history lovers, Oufella ruins is the main historic attraction in town. Agadir was unfortunately hit by a large earthquake in 1960, sadly destroying most of the city’s historic buildings. Left standing however, were the buildings atop of the hilltop. Standing at the top of the mountain, 236 metres above sea level, this area housed the old city of Agadir and is also known as The Kasbah of Agadir. It dates right back to the mid-16th century, when Agadir was an important centre of trade – with this area once being a fortified town built to defend the sea port against attack.

Even if you’re not a history buff, you’ll appreciate the amazing panoramic views thanks to the ruins’ hillside position, allowing you to gaze down in awe upon the Atlantic coastline and Agadir below. It’s even more stunning if you’re up here while the sun sets.