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Pyrgos is the highest village on the island of Santorini and that means that there are some incredible views from just about anywhere in the town. As you draw closer to Pyrgos, you can see it, looking marvellous and magnificent – not imposing but inviting. And when you are there and are looking down the hill again, you can take in the sea and the countryside in one view, showing you everything there is to enjoy about this part of Greece, and Santorini in particular.

Pyrgos Holiday Deals

Stunning churches

History is what really makes Pyrgos a fascinating place to be, and the numerous stunning churches in the area, including the incomparable 10th-century Church of Theotokaki, are well worth a walk around.

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  • Cave houses

    Cave houses may sound rather strange, but they are in fact a wonderful way to see how the people of the Pyrgos area used to live. When holidaying there, you can step back in time and check them out; you’ll even see full-size mannequins that will show you exactly how things used to be.

    Boutique shops & buzzing nightlife

    Fira is a town that is just 15 minutes away from Pyrgos, but is a world away in terms of look and feel. This is the place to go if you want to browse boutique shops and enjoy some of the more buzzing nightlife. It wasn’t always like this – it used to be the twin to Pyrgos, but after an earthquake in the 1950s, everything had to be rebuilt and it was done with style and modernity in mind.

    Perissa and Kamari beaches

    Due to its location, there are no beaches in Pyrgos (although you can see some from the hilltop). However, just a 15-minute drive away will get you to Perissa or Kamari, both of which have beautiful volcanic Blue Flag beaches with their beachfront bars, restaurants and wide range of watersports. If you don’t mind a slightly longer drive, you can be at the world-renowned Red Beach in 20 minutes.

    Nearest Airport to Pyrgos

    Santorini Airport – 4 miles

    Santorini Airport is both a civilian and military airport, and due to this there can sometimes be delays. Make sure you check this before flying.


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