A guide to nightlife in Santorini

Many of those on holiday to Santorini spend their evenings in traditional tavernas enjoying the locally produced cuisine, drinks and Greek-themed local entertainment. However, Santorini is also a great place for late-night fun and crazy clubs. For the hottest night scene head to the island’s capital of Thira which boasts an array of exciting clubs and bars. Kamari and Perissa also offer beach clubs and trendy bars with a lively atmosphere, while the open-air cinema just outside Kamari is not to be missed. The nightlife in the romantic town of Oia is centred around sunsets and lounge bars.

Hottest beach party at Dom

In recent years, the coastal resort of Kamari has developed a lively beach-bar scene which has grown into big business for the south-east of the island. At the top of the chain lies Dom, the biggest club in town. Here you’ll find a mix of dance-inducing tunes – and, if you’re feeling daring, the cage on stage is open to anyone and everyone. Brace yourself for a non-stop party until breakfast.

Watch a film with the locals at the open-air cinema

Voted one of the 10 best open-air cinemas in the world, the small theatre just outside Kamari is one of the most relaxing places you’ll ever watch a movie and is sure to become the highlight of your Greek island holiday. Kick back in your deckchair in this garden-like atmosphere with a cocktail in hand, while the stars twinkle above. Movies are presented in English with Greek subtitles.

Visit the institution that is Hasapiko

The famed sunset town of Oia in the north of the island is far from being the centre of nightlife on Santorini holidays. Hasapiko is, however, an exception. A former butcher’s shop, the venue has been transformed into a trendy, relaxed, lively bar. Expect lots of diverse music, live musicians and strong cocktails.

Dance the night away at Koo club

Koo club is one of Thira’s oldest, largest and most popular venues. The youthful and lively club is spread out over two storeys with both indoor and outdoor areas and a selection of impressive bars. Chill out under the stars on the outside terrace, look down on the throbbing dance floor, or cut loose as the DJ spins techno and mainstream hits until the early hours.

Escape the crowds at Kira Thira

Set in the whitewashed streets of Thira, away from the thumping music and crowds of the mainstream bars and clubs, this cosy little jazz bar is popular with the local youth. The venue is too small to host live music but with an extensive CD collection and excellent sound system, the DJ spins an eclectic mix of music from across the ages. Serving a great selection of cocktails at reasonable prices, the sangria is particularly notorious.