Perivolos Holidays 2024/2025

Eating, drinking and making merry are definitely the order of the day when spending a holiday in Santorini. Situated in the southeast of the island on a seven-kilometre beach, there is plenty to do by day and by night here in Perivolos. Bars, tavernas and watersports are just waiting to be discovered.

Perivolos Holiday Deals

Relax and enjoy yourself

Choose Perivolos for your Santorini holiday and you’ll be treated to a fantastic combination of chilling out on the beach by day and indulging in some hedonistic pleasures by night. Life on the beach here isn’t just about lying down and worshipping the sun – there are watersports to be sampled and a relaxing swim to be had in the azure blue waters. You can always unwind in one of the beachside bars if you’re thirsty or hungry.

You could stretch your legs and explore the region around Perivolos. Medieval Emporio, with its ancient castle and beautiful old houses, is only a half an hour walk away. Or you could simply explore the expansive and pristine beach

Take to the sea

Even if you’ve never been tempted by watersports before, Perivolos is most definitely the place to dip your novice toes into the water. Look out for Wavesports along the beach. Paragliding, wakeboarding and parasailing are just a few of the activities on offer. Try stand up paddleboarding or rather, SUP, you never know, you might just become a pro. The operator company will supply all the required equipment, leaving you to concentrate on keeping your balance on the board.

Explore Santorini's coastline

Jet skiing is always popular on package holidays to Santorini, while here you can take a tour of the coastal waters by embarking on a jet ski safari. Snorkelling is also on offer on these trips, meaning you’ll be able to see what’s under the water as well as admire the views from your jet ski.

Checking out a castle

With its old churches, medieval buildings and a castle thrown in for good measure, Emporio, only 30 minutes from Perivolos on foot is a wonderful day trip. Just look out for the hilltop windmills to know you’re approaching your destination. The narrow winding alleyways invite you to embark on a journey of exploration. The ruined castle Kastelli is well worth a peek – keep an eye out for the pots that used to contain burning oil to ward off unwanted visitors to the village.

You can always stop off at one of the local cafes or bars to refresh. Ta Panta Ola is frequented by locals and not just tourists, and has some wonderful local dishes for you to savour. With fresh fish on the menu as well as stuffed peppers, the flavoursome food represents a real gastronomic treat at reasonable prices.

Eating in Perivolos

Eating out is one of the most enjoyable activities of any holiday. Drinking probably comes a close second. Most of the restaurants serve a fusion of contemporary Mediterranean food but each restaurant also has its own speciality, be it waffles or chicken pie at one establishment or pizzas at another. Take advantage of the wide array of wonderfully-prepared seafood by visiting a new taverna every night of the week. The local wine is also great for washing down fabulously tasty food.

Nightlife by the sea

A walk along the seafront after dark will soon reveal Perivolos has a flourishing party scene. Whether you want to indulge in the delights of an evening of live Greek music – complete with dancing thrown in for good measure – or you prefer a more international flavour to your party atmosphere, you will find a bar or club to suit your tastes. The Chilli Beach Bar and JoJo’s are firm favourites with the party crowd.

For a more upmarket ambiance, Wet Stories Beach Bar hosts fantastic DJs and great music right into the early hours of the morning. The bar is also famed for its beach volleyball games.

All tastes and pleasures

Perivolos is one of those places you’ll probably want to visit again. If only to spend even more time on the beach or just enjoy its numerous attractions with a broad smile on your face.


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