Megalochori Holidays 2024/2025

Take a trip to the west coast on Santorini holidays and you may well find yourself in Megalochori, the epicentre of the island’s vineyards. It’s famous for the traditional architecture of its houses with their high outer walls, as well as courtyards and mysterious winding alleys. Megalochori provides plenty of opportunity for people-watching and relaxing.

Megalochori Holiday Deals

Relaxation in Santorini's wine region

Once you’ve entered the Megalochori’s stunning bell-tower arch, you might be forgiven for thinking that you’ve located the place that time forgot. Holidays to Santorini are all about unwinding, while Megalochori is one of those places where you can rest assured you’ll be able to relax and re-awaken your senses.

You could spend your entire holiday in this single village – the restaurants located here will definitely tempt you to stay a while. Relax in the square with a glass of local retsina or a cup of coffee you watch the village residents playing backgammon. And just ambling around this charming village is an enduringly relaxing way to spend a holiday.

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  • A good excuse for exploring

    Megalochori is located in the heart of Santorini‘s vine-growing region. You can take advantage of your stay here to explore the vineyards, taste the local wine and enjoy the warm hospitality for which the locals are renowned. The views from some of the vineyards surrounding Megalochori are almost on a par with the quality of the wine itself.

    Founded in 1879, and still producing some of Santorini’s finest wines, the Boutari winery is close to Megalochori. Visiting this award-winning winery gives you the opportunity to sample some of Santorini’s very best wines. Another choice is the Gavalos vineyard, which produces Vinsanto wine, among others. Here you can explore how wine-making techniques on the island have changed.

    Fabulous food

    With its laid-back atmosphere and impressive number of restaurants Megalochori is something of a foodie’s paradise. From fantastic seafood restaurants to cosy tavernas serving excellent home-cooked food, the quality of the meals is exceptional. Simply head down to the village square and take your pick. You can rest assured that the wine you’ll be offered will come from one of the local vineyards.

    Feggera, for example, serves Greek food with a contemporary twist. Rakomelo – a local aperitif – is served at the Marmita, and live music can be heard from many of the restaurants throughout Megalochori.

    Navigating the sea

    Megalochori isn’t on the coast, though there are plenty of easy-to-reach beaches nearby. It’s location slightly inland also makes it a great spot to find cheap holidays to Santorini. Here you’ll have access to of a wide range of boat tours from Ormos Athinios, meaning there will be the chance to explore the coastal waters of Santorini and its neighbouring islands.

    Horses for courses

    Exploring Megalochori and the surrounding area on the back of a horse is a wonderful way to view the landscape at a gentle pace. Santorini Horse Riding is the place to start your tour through the village and out on to the Caldera. Don’t worry if you’re not an experienced rider as you’ll be given some basic instruction before the start of the tours.

    If you don’t have the energy to walk to the other side of Santorini and explore Eros Beach, you can hire a horse to make the trip. Santorini‘s sunsets are world famous and viewing one of these stunning beauties from the back of a horse is an unforgettable experience.

    Restore your inner self

    In tune with Megalochori’s relaxing vibe, a visit to Osho Santorini will soon restore your tranquillity and calm. This meditation centre is only a minute’s walk from the heart of the village, and yoga and meditation are just two of the classes on offer here.

    Pottery with a difference

    Instead of returning home with a shop-bought ceramic souvenir, you could learn how to craft your own pottery at 1260 Ceramic Studio. There’s no need to worry about being judged on artistic ability or experience – the atmosphere at lessons is relaxed and fun, with all talents welcome.

    Alternatively, you could buy a unique piece of work from the studio’s resident potters, but we’d wager that wouldn’t be half so much fun as making something yourself.


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