A guide to the best beaches in Lesvos

Lesvos has a rich history, with Greeks often telling of its magical shores in classical epics. Today, the island maintains this mystical atmosphere through traditional Greek customs and friendly hospitality. Some of the most magical places on the island are its beaches. No matter what you’re looking for in a seaside retreat, whether it’s the charm of a silent secluded cove or the stimulating buzz of a popular tourist hotspot, you’ll have no problem finding it – here’s our guide to the best beaches in Lesvos.

Petra Beach

About 45-minutes’ drive north-west of Mytilene, the capital of Lesvos, the tourist beach at Petra is one of the most developed on the island. This means showers, cabins, sunbeds, parasols and some nearby restaurants and bars more than willing to serve you up great local delicacies.

Vatera Beach

South-west of the capital is Vatera, one of the longest Lesvos beaches. It’d take you around 20 minutes to walk from one end to the other of this broad sandy strip, which gets awarded a Blue Flag award every year for its consistently high quality. Great for families and couples, the atmosphere here is serene – and it’s never crowded.

Molyvos Beach

Molyvos has won a Blue Flag award for its clean, stony shores. Nestled on the north coast of Lesvos, this long pebbled beach has some of the most beautiful natural surroundings and is therefore the best place for artists, writers or snorkellers to come for a bit of inspirational eye-candy on their holidays to Lesvos.

Skala Eressou Beach

This beach is a great hangout spot if you’re looking for a day jumping in and out of the water on your Greek island holiday adventure. It’s got parasols, loungers, plus great bars and tavernas to keep yourself fed and watered morning, noon and night.

Skala Kalloni Beach

Soft sands and shallow waters make Skala Kalloni is perfect for families. The young ones can splash around close to shore, while the grown-ups kick back with a book and a glass of retsina from one of the nearby bars. It’s also great for kayaking if you fancy it.

Agios Isidoros Beach

Agios Isidoros is a charming beach with pebbled shores, set within a beautiful landscape. Swimmers, snorkellers and watersports-lovers come here as it is one of the longest on the island, with some of the best underwater sights.

Anaxos Beach

A 45-minute drive north-west of Mytilene is Anaxos, a very popular resort which attracts couples and families particularly. The waters are very safe, so you can even sit back at one of the tavernas with a light lunch while kids run up and down the sand collecting rocks from the shallows.

Eftalou Beach

If you want a truly unique beach, this is it. Eftalou is famous for the natural springs that can be seen erupting from the beach itself. The beach is home to renovated bath-houses which offer luxury to those wanting to relax.

Sigri Beach

Located on the outskirts of Sigri, an hour’s drive to the north-west of Mytilene, this beach has showers where you can rinse off sea water, plus a great taverna selling traditional Greek specialities. This beach is a quiet place to chill out, and almost never gets crowded so you can get some real peace of mind.

Anaxos Ampelia Beach

A calm and pretty beach, Anaxos Ampelia has almost no tourist facilities, which makes it very quiet and secluded. This is a great place to get away from it all with a loved one and just enjoy the sights and sounds of the seaside. The rocky landscape protects it from heavy breezes, so the entire beach is still and the water serene.