A guide to food and drink in Lesvos

Lesvos holidays offer some of the best food in the North Aegean Sea, which you can enjoy in atmospheric tavernas with amazing sea views. You’ll find traditional Greek cuisine, Mediterranean fusion dishes and a generous helping of international favourites on offer if you visit this friendly island during your holidays to Greece.

Exploring Lesvos' delicacies

The island’s coastline is blessed with abundant seafood, especially in the Gulf of Kalloni on its western flank. Fans of fruits of the sea delight in the rich variety of marine life on offer, while vegetarians are catered for by the island’s fertile interior. Of particular note are the cheese-stuffed courgette flowers, known as sfougato and organic green beans drizzled in extra virgin olive oil and sauteed to perfection.

Connoisseurs of wine will be delighted to learn that Lesvos has delicious red and white wines, as well as a type called orange wine. These are made from locally grown Chidiriotiko grapes which have produced celebrated Lesvos wines for centuries. It also has a reputation for producing the best ouzo in all of Greece.

Local cuisine with a sea view at The Women's Cooperative

This traditional restaurant in Petra is positioned directly above a delightful little shop filled with local curios, and the waitress often doubles up as both cook and cashier. The service can take a little longer than in other restaurants but you get lovingly-prepared dishes accompanied with a smile and a great ocean view.

Barbecue and vegetarian platters at Geia Mas

It’s not often that you hear of a restaurant lauded for both its fantastic straight-from-the-grill meat dishes and its extensive vegetarian options. Situated in the popular resort of Molyvos, Geia Mas combines world-class cookery with generous portion sizes, friendly service, great value and pleasant surroundings. As an aside, it also provides excellent Wi-Fi reception, something of a rarity for the region.

An extensive menu at The Anaxos Bar & Restaurant

This British-owned restaurant and adjoining bar offers possibly the longest and most varied menu not just in Anaxos, but in all of Lesvos. What’s more, the amiable staff will bend over backwards to accommodate food allergies. If they can satisfy your taste buds, they will. Though there are too many winners on the menu to single out just one, you can’t go wrong with selecting anything cooked in garlic.

Authentic Greek ouzo and snacks at Antonis Ouzeri

As the island’s capital, it’s little surprise that Mytilene is home to a number of excellent ouzo bars, and Antonis is one of the finest. After sampling one of the many delicious varieties of this aniseed liqueur, you’ll soon be able to discern the difference between store-bought ouzo from the UK and the real deal on Lesvos. For those wishing to shed their tourist tag, it’s uncommon for Greeks to drink without eating something, so accompany your tipple with a tray of roasted aubergines, sea urchin roe or assorted meats and cheeses.

The best seafood from the Gulf of Kalloni at Caprice Kitchen Bar

Skala Kalloni beach faces straight onto the cavernous Gulf, which has taken a sizable chunk out of the island and provides a habitat for all manner of sea life. At Caprice, sample the freshest scallops, cockles, fan mussels, langoustines, sea urchins and octopuses. Salted sardines, known locally as papalina, take centre stage here. Pair them with a glass of ouzo as an appetiser to your main meal.