A guide to nightlife in Lesvos

Although Lesvos nightlife doesn’t have quite the same reputation as other Greek destinations such as Rhodes or Corfu, there is still enough activity across the island to satisfy night owls on holidays in Lesvos. As the island’s capital, Mytilene is predictably the epicentre of much of its nightlife, but there are also plenty of options to be found in the busy beach resorts of Molyvos and Petra. Below are five of the top spots in Lesvos, each offering something different depending on the type of night you’re in search of to make the most of your Greek island holiday.

Lively, late night youthful crowd at Tortuga Bar

Formerly known as Cavos Bar, this fashionable hotspot on Petra beach offers picturesque views of the Aegean Sea, a varied mixture of music and a delicious drinks menu. During the week, it has a more relaxed atmosphere and is populated by a slightly older crowd, but come Friday and Saturday, young tourists and locals flock to the Tortuga deep into the early hours.

Rock music at Steve's Music Bar

Located on Anaxos beach, this bar is perfect for rock aficionados who hanker for the genre’s glory days. Owner Steve is a friendly chap who makes an effort to befriend all who enter his bar. He earns respect with his extensive knowledge of 1950s rock, 1960s blues and 1970s progressive anthems. Drinks are also reasonably priced.

Sunset cocktails on the beach at Congas Beach Bar

At Molyvos beach, you can visit Congas during the day and grab a bite to eat or enjoy some liquid refreshment after cooling off in the sea. But it’s when the sun goes down that Congas really comes into its own. With DJ sets on several nights of the week, the bar serves up mouth-watering mojitos and, as one of the only places pumping out tunes on the strip, it quickly fills up.

Karaoke sing-alongs at Molly's Bar

Another bar in Molyvos with a delightful view of the waterfront, Molly’s Bar has balconies looking out over the water, great cocktails and a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The owners are clearly music enthusiasts and will happily run through their extensive collection of albums. A sing-along with the rest of the pub is not out of the question either.

A weekend DJ set with locals at Senso Cafe Bar

During the week, this seaside cafe in Plomari serves refreshing ice cream, quality coffee and an appealing cocktail list, acting as a great place to take in the views and relax in the midday sun. Come nightfall, it transforms into a magnet for the locals, with Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays being especially popular on account of live DJ sets. For a more authentic Greek experience among natives to the island, check out Senso.