A guide to nightlife in Lefkas

Visitors mostly come to Lefkas to partake in the great outdoors and relax on the golden sands. Lefkas is not known for its nightlife scene but it does have a few spots to rival its neighbouring islands. The resort of Nidri is where you’ll find all the most popular bars and clubs, with these evening joints staying open until the early hours of the morning.

Vassiliki also has a few terrific bars and clubs that host a range of evening entertainment and live music. The smaller resorts around the island focus their nightlife on the Greek tavernas, where you can sit outside under the stars and spend your Greek island holiday sipping on local wines and fresh cocktails. If you’re wondering where to start the night off during your holidays to Lefkas, here’s a list of some of the best spots.

Art Club, Vassiliki

This down-to-earth, fun-filled bar is frequented by both locals and tourists. With a relaxed atmosphere you can order cheap drinks all night long while playing a game of pool or darts. The owners of Art Club are especially welcoming and known to fill generous shots for visitors. Make sure to write a message on their artistically-decorated wall next to the other hundreds of satisfied customers – it’s a great way to commemorate your stay.

Excess Club, Nidri

Welcome to a night of dance and drink at the Excess Club. This is one of the biggest nightclubs in Lefkas and they invite famous DJs from Greece and abroad to spin tracks on their decks. This spot is particularly popular with those aged 18 to 25. The doors open here at 11pm and don’t close until daylight the following morning. If you’re looking for a great night out on the town and a place to get down on the dancefloor, the Excess Club is the spot for you.

K Beach Bar, Nikiana

Right on the beachfront in Nikiana is the K Beach Bar. This is a lively spot playing upbeat, current tracks all day and night. Either dance away or relax on your own sun lounger while looking out towards the water as you sip on your favourite drink concoctions. Whatever you fancy their incredible bar tenders can make it happen.

Tree Bar, Nidri

The Tree Bar is a funky spot to grab a drink and spend the evening with friends. Completely outdoors this bar is built up around a big eucalyptus tree and gives magnificent views of the seaside. You can either unwind on their comfortable outdoor seating or have one of their popular cocktails in the bar’s own hot tub. Quiz nights happen here every Tuesday, and on Wednesdays they have local artists playing live music.

Sunset and Stars, Nidri

If you’re looking for a classy and sophisticated nightlife experience on your Greece holidays, hop aboard the boat Sunset and Stars. This boat tour starts off in Nidri at sunset and takes passengers to the nearby Jackie Beach. Along the journey you’ll have an opportunity to swim in the warm water and have a few drinks along with fellow passengers. Once at the beach a fantastic meal is prepared, and crew members take you on a stargazing experience like no other. You’ll be able to see the glow of the Milky Way, spot star alignments and, if you’re lucky, even experience an awe-inspiring meteor shower. You’ll also learn about the ancient Greek myths associated with the stars.