Nikiana Holidays 2024/2025

Nikiana holidays revolve around peaceful days spent at either one of its two beaches and leisurely strolls around the green, hilly countryside of eastern Lefkas, with views across to mainland Greece. This pretty fishing village has a harbour dotted with excellent seafood restaurants and a couple of smart bars. Bustling Nidri and capital Lefkas Town are right next door, which means that a cheap package holiday to Greece in Nikiana gives you access to a whole host of destinations.

Nikiana Holiday Deals

Eastern sands

With the only sandy beach in this part of eastern Lefkas you might think that Nikiana would be overrun in summer, but its small stretch has a laid-back vibe all year.

People come here for relaxation and family time, where the amusement is more about reading a book or playing in the water than whizzing about on a jet ski. There is also a pebble beach beyond the harbour, where you can hire a lounger and watch the fishing and sail boats come and go.

Fresh Greek seafood

For relaxed dinners on your Lefkas holidays, stop by at one of the handful of tavernas on the waterfront. Many of them serve the deliciously fresh fish that has been hauled in that day by the village’s fishermen. Alongside calamari or sea bream, you can get authentic moussaka at places like Taverna Minas, which is right on the beach.

At the bakery on the south of the quay, it’s possible to pick up Greek pastries, and there are some shops and small supermarkets on the main street to stock up on essential supplies, along with more places to eat.

Laid-back evenings

Many of Nikiana’s restaurants invite you to stay on and join them for a few after-dinner drinks. Though you won’t find any places that blare out music all night, one place that knows how to throw a party is Notos Bar. This neon-lit bar serves refreshing Mythos lager and, after a few of these or a spot of ouzo, you might feel compelled to join in with the traditional Greek dances initiated by waiters. Alternatively, stay away from the dancefloor by taking a seat on the outdoor terrace and drink in glorious sea views.

Not far from Nikiana, Nidri is the place to go for the best nightlife, with pubs and clubs open until late and a good choice of music, ranging from Greek to electro. Journeying between the two resorts takes about 10 minutes by car.

Hillside strolls

The cypress trees and olive orchards that cloak the hills at the base of Mount Skaros make walks around pretty Nikiana memorable. There are lots of tracks leading up to the peak and you don’t need to go far up to get panoramic seascapes of the east coast.

If you head inland towards the small village of Alexandros, you will come across a picturesque monastery carved into the rock. One of the oldest Christian monuments of the island, the tombs of three holy fathers who followed the bishop Agatharcos are here. Alexandros itself, along with the tiny settlement of Skaros, are two mountainous villages worth a visit for a taste of traditional life on your holidays to Greece.

Town trips

As Lefkas is a small island measuring just 35 kilometres long and 15 kilometres wide, it’s easy to get around and see the sights. Lefkas Town is a 15-minute bus ride away, and makes a worthwhile trip for viewing the interesting architecture that is the result of rebuilding after the major earthquake of 1948. It also has a small shopping district.

Alternatively, you could hire a car and drive over the central peaks to the stunning west coast. Or travel to Vassiliki in the south to have a go at windsurfing at one of Europe’s top spots for the sport.

The busy seaside town of Nidri is nearby and known for its busy nightlife and good selection of watersports. It’s also the base for boat trips to islets in the bay and pit stops around the coast.


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