A guide to things to do in Lefkas

Lefkas is a one-of-a-kind island in the Ionian sea. Barely separated from mainland Greece, the island is connected by a causeway that provides easy access for windsurfers, holidaymakers and natives to Lefkas’ beaches and charming villages on its south side. Holidays to Lefkas offer a whole world of fun activities waiting to be explored.

Lost in the mountains

One of Lefkas’ best features is its awe-inspiring physical landscape, which impresses with its sheer cliffs and dense forests. Look hard enough and you’ll find sights that very few know about.

The Nidri Waterfalls, for example, are hidden away from the main track, which makes finding them something of an adventure in its own right. They can be reached by walking for 40 minutes through olive groves and the village of Rahi. Swimming in the cool streams and taking photos under the current of tumbling water is an experience that’s not easily forgotten.

A monastery with a zoo

Faneromeni Monastery is not only one of the prettiest spots you’ll see during Lefkas holidays, but it’s also home to a zoo. A great place to take the kids to get out of the midday sun, you can walk between the colourful flowers and hanging vines while birds sweep past above. Magnificent peacocks roam the grounds freely, greeting visitors with their colourful plumage.

See the island your way

Get Active Bike Tours, located in Nidri on the central east coast of Lefkas, comes highly recommended for its cheap rental prices and great guided tours. Book a mountain bike tour through olive groves and past waterfalls, or rent a road bike and explore at your own pace.

Try local grapes

Land of Lefkas Winery is a great day out for those interested in sampling the fruit of the vines during their holidays to Greece. On the Nidri to Vassiliki road, the winery is nestled within a traditional village house, with groves all around it. There are opportunities to try the local bottles at your leisure, inside or out on the terrace. If you find one you like it’s possible to purchase it. The superb wines sold here make a great souvenir, or the perfect gift for a friend back home.

Getting active out on the high seas

Watersports are a big thing in Lefkas, particularly windsurfing. Vassiliki in the southern bay is known as one of the best places in Europe to try the sport in the afternoon breeze known as ‘Eric’. The breezes that sweep over and across the northwest coast also make for great waves, so if you’re a lover of parasailing, water-skiing or wakeboarding you’ll find many places catering to your needs on this side of the island. Kathisma comes highly recommended, and even provides the opportunity to get up in the air with exhilarating paragliding.

Develop a taste for ouzo

Whether you’ve tasted ouzo before or not, you should check out the Frangoulis Distillery, located in the centre of the capital, Lefkas Town. Family-owned for generations, this distillery is one of the most visited places in the city. If you don’t have a taste for the aniseed spirit do not worry as they make all sorts of aperitifs and digestifs too.

Treat yourself

Kalithea, one of the most beautiful and luxurious areas of Lefkas, is also one of the best for spa treatments. Many of the hotels in the area offer treatments as part of their packages, but there’s also a foot spa and other massage therapists in the town that you can visit for the day to have a little time to yourself. Whether you’re staying in Kalithea or not, it’s definitely a place to visit if you want to relax.