Kefalos Holidays 2024/2025

Two stunning bases make up the lovely resort town of Kefalos. Take a stroll back through time as you explore Kefalos’ old town cobble streets and historic buildings, or soak up the sun in its blossoming coastal region with restaurants and watersports galore.

Kefalos Holiday Deals

A quick look at Kefalos

Historic structures, numerous beaches and beautiful natural landscapes are only a few of the attractions the region of Kefalos has to offer. This budding tourist destination is separated into two halves, one being the old town area in the hills, and the other a scenic coastal spot. You can spend your days exploring through the narrow winding streets, having a leisurely meal in a traditional Greek tavern or sunning yourself on one of the several beaches in the Kefalos region. It’s particularly easy to source cheap holidays to Kos along the island’s western coast, and this resort town is no exception.

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  • The adventure starts outdoors

    Kefalos has a diverse natural landscape with cliff top paths overlooking views of the Aegean Sea, forested areas ideal for hiking and long stretches of white sand. One of the best ways to discover this area is by renting a car or bicycle and touring around its expanses, taking in the epic scenery on your Greek island holiday.

    A beach for every visitor

    There’s a beach here to suit every taste with many coastlines easily accessible from Kefalos. The most popular spot to get a tan at is Paradise beach. This stretch of long white sand is home to Kefalos’ best water sports facility where you can hire peddle boats, jet skis and even learn how to water ski. Kids can enjoy the small inflatable water park that is zoned off from the rest of the water while you chill out under the parasols on your own private sun lounger, both available to rent.

    Other beaches around the Kefalos zone include Magic, Polemi, Sunny, Markos, Lagada and Camel. All of these coastlines have toilet and shower accommodations as well as taverns where you can grab a bite to eat or a cold refreshing drink.

    Greek history unfolding

    Kefalos’ streets are full of historical significance, and one of the most interesting places to visit is its early Christian basilica. These ruins are displayed across a rocky setting near the seaside and make for a great day trip for any history buffs. This historical structure was built between the 4th and 5th century A.D. and was sadly mostly destroyed by earthquakes. Today you can still walk through the floor plans and view the beautiful mosaics on display. This Christian basilica also offers spectacular views across the Aegean Sea to the island of Kastri.

    Greek culinary delights

    Even though Kefalos is fairly small compared to some of its neighbouring cities, it does have a large array of restaurants and traditional Greek taverns. These eateries can be located in the old town area as well as the coastal region. There’s plenty of choice when it comes to where to dine. Kefalos has several international restaurants including British, Italian and Japanese cuisine. But of course the most popular dishes are from the town’s authentic Greek restaurants, serving up tasty Greek items like souvlaki, moussaka, and Greek salads.

    Quiet drinks and lively pubs

    Nightlife in Kefalos varies from region to region. In the old town area you’ll be able unwind over a leisurely glass of wine or a few quiet cocktails, while the coastal area is much livelier with upbeat bars and pubs offering karaoke and quizzes.

    Nearby neighbours

    If you’re looking for a little more excitement or maybe some shopping excursions, the busy capital city of Kos Town is only a 40 minute ride away. Buses leave from Kefalos to Kos Town daily and there you’ll be able to pick up some souvenirs and peruse the Greek fashion boutiques. Kos Town also has over 150 different restaurants and taverns and is a great place to try out some of that famous Greek seafood. In the evening Kos Town’s clubs and bars are in full swing and is the best place on the island to get down on the dance floor.

    Even closer than Kos Town is the city of Kardamena, just a 20 minute bus trip away. This lively holiday spot has a three kilometre long beach and a backdrop of bars and restaurants.


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