Lambi Holidays 2024/2025

The quiet resort of Lambi lets you lose the crowds and unwind on a scenic, white sand beach, lined with beach bars and tavernas that are typical of holidays to Greece. You can cycle through the countryside with ease along flat paths or travel to the capital Kos Town, just minutes away.

Lambi Holiday Deals

Peaceful getaway

Located just north of Kos Town is the recently developed resort of Lambi. This scenic destination has a long stretch of beautiful white sand beach with hotels popping up around its shore. Olive trees and wild flowers encircle the resort and make for a truly idyllic getaway, while the resort’s location off the beaten track means it’s a great place to find cheap holidays to Kos.

Holidaygoers come to Lambi to enjoy the quiet sands and Greek tavernas that are nestled in-between hotels by the water. It’s a holiday of pure relaxation and peace, with secluded spots for romantics to discover, as well as water sports for kids and the adventurous to enjoy.

Unspoilt gorgeous beach

Lambi’s tranquil beach begins at Kos Town’s harbour and travels north. This unspoilt coastline is over 1000-metres long and beach bars connect to one another along the sands, offering cool spots to unwind in and grab a cocktail.

The beach is made up of sand and shingle and its shallow waters mean you can walk a long way out into the sea before it even gets up to your waist. Families with little ones are fond of Lambi beach for this reason, as its soft shelving sands make the perfect spot for kids to paddle in the water and build sandcastles.

Water sports are big at Lambi and its water-skiing, paragliding and windsurfing centres mean you’ll be able to rent equipment and hit the seas in no time.

See the sights through cycling

The flat land of Lambi is a cyclist’s dream and the easy surface to ride on makes cycling the quickest way to get from A to B. There are lots of spots within reach that are a must see for any visitors to Kos. Just a 20-minute bike ride along the coast takes you to Tingaki and its natural salt lakes.

The ancient ruins of Asklepion are also within cycling distance, and history buffs will love to explore the centuries-old temple and hospital that Hippocrates is said to have worked in.

Quiet drinks under the stars

The nightlife in Lambi revolves around the resort’s coastline. It’s a quiet sort of evening affair here with a cluster of pubs open late as well as Greek tavernas selling cocktails, beers and wine. In some bars you’ll find football played on their flat screen TVs and live music by local musicians.

This is not the spot for a thriving dance club scene, but if you’re looking for something a little more exciting, the capital of Kos Town is just a few minutes away with its wild, 24-hour bars and karaoke joints.

Nearby neighbours

If you’re looking for a day trip out to a larger resort, the capital of Kos Town is just a few minutes’ drive away. You can grab a lift from one of the buses that run daily from Lambi or even hop on a bike and cycle there.

Kos Town is full of exciting things to see and do, including their 15th century castle, Greek ruins and Roman baths. The main shopping centre of Kos Town, Eleftherias Square, has outdoor and indoor markets selling locally made jewellery and souvenirs.

Kos Town is a waterfront city with a chic harbour and over 150 places to stop and eat. For more adventure, hop aboard a hydrofoil boat from the harbour and set across the Aegean Sea to other Greek islands such as Rhodes to the south.


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