Kos Town Holidays 2024/2025

Kos Town boasts a massive array of varied activities from historic ruins, to relaxed boat trips and steamy hot springs. This vibrant town has over 150 restaurants and numerous nightlife venues to keep you entertained and well fed throughout Kos holidays.

Kos Town Holiday Deals

All you need in one city

Kos’ capital city is known for its historic structures and cosmopolitan array of shops and restaurants. You’ll find everything you’re looking for in Kos Town including central beaches, a busy marina, thought provoking museums and excellent nightlife venues.

This area dates back to the year 366 BC and is steeped in rich history, so it’s also an ideal holiday spot if you want to explore Kos’ ancient roots. If you’re looking for cheap package holidays to Greece that offer a little bit of everything, Kos Town is a great choice.

History unfolding

The main attractions in Kos Town are the area’s cultural heritage spots including historic structures and Roman ruins. There’s so much history to uncover here it can take days to fully see all the important sights of Kos Town.

One of the most popular and prominent spots to visit is the 15th-century castle of Neratzi. Located right on the waterfront this ruin was first built by the knights of St. John for the crusades. Today the massive structure looms over the water and visitors can take in incredible views from its walls.

The Casa Romana museum is another interesting history-rich attraction. This unique Roman Villa has been preserved beautifully with columns, mosaics and sculptures that you can walk around and explore.

If you haven’t got your fill yet of Kos Town’s endless historical attractions take a wander to the Hippocrates Tree. This is the most famous tree in Greece and known for being the place where the father of medicine, Hippocrates, used to teach his students. The tree is over 500 years old and is thought to be a descendant from the original tree which grew 2,400 years ago.

Shopping central

Kos Town is the island’s shopping capital with tons of boutiques and souvenir shops along its busy streets. The Eleftherias Square is its shopping hub and here you’ll be able to find all the clothes, jewellery and knick-knacks you’re looking for. This square is also home to an indoor market selling local produce like fruit and vegetables as well as honey, herbs, soaps and wine across its stalls.

Cruising the Aegean Sea

An excellent way to discover the island of Kos is through one of the many boat tours that leave from Kos Town’s marina. Hop aboard speed boats, sailing ships or ferries that all make their way around the island and stop off at various beach points.

Some tours include meal options so you can have an entire day out on the water without worrying about packing a lunch. If you want to get in the warm water take your swimming gear along with you, as many of the boats anchor for a swimming or snorkelling session.

Restaurants on every corner

There’s no threat of going hungry here, as Kos Town has over 150 cafes, snack bars and restaurants to choose from. The huge variety of places to eat means there’s also plenty of choice when it comes to menu items. You can enjoy sitting down to British, Vietnamese, Mediterranean, Italian and Greek meals, to name a few.

Buzzing evening entertainment

Kos Town is one of the best places on the island to have a fun and upbeat night out. With its huge selection of clubs, bars and cocktail joints you’ll have no problem finding a place to spend the evening.

Nafklirou and Diakon are Kos Town’s two main nightlife streets and where you’ll find the majority of venues. The beach also has an array of seaside bars with waiters coming straight to your sunlounger to offer delicious fruit cocktails and martinis.

Soak away in natural hot springs

Only 20 minutes from Kos Town are the Embros Therme geothermal hot springs. These bubbling pools are thought to have therapeutic healing properties and are wonderful for relaxing your muscles and re-energising your spirit.

The springs are found down a rocky incline so access isn’t ideal for those with mobility problems. There’s a little cafe and bar at both the top and bottom of Embros Therme, where you’ll be able to grab a quick bite to eat or drink before bathing in the warm pools.


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