Articles about Egypt

Planning a trip to Egypt? Browse our articles for information on this fascinating country including the truth and myths around the pyramids as well as guides to the destination’s delicacies and customs. Our useful articles feature all you need to know about this ancient wonder, from the best Bedouin dining experiences to snorkelling in the Red Sea.

Fun facts about Egypt

Much of what we know and love about Egypt hails from its astonishing ancient era accomplishments, in which it was a leading civilisation that produced amazing art, architecture and legends.

How to spend a day in Luxor

Millions of visitors flock to Luxor to explore the fascinating architecture, culture and religious beliefs of ancient Egypt. It’s also an amazing place for a day trip during your Egyptian holiday and is just a seven-hour drive and ferry journey away from several popular coastal resorts in the lively Sharm el Sheikh region.

Egyptian delicacies

Egypt’s food history has a long and winding narrative with roots reaching back to the days when its vast terrain was governed by lavish pharaohs. Over the years, the country has developed a culinary scene that’s largely vegetarian, mostly down to the fact meat is expensive. The country’s relationship with vegetables and beans is also thanks to its fertile valley and Egypt’s greatest asset – the Nile River.

Egyptian culture 101

Egypt is home to one of the most famous ancient civilisations in the world. That said, it has remained a predominantly stable country for millennia.

The best Bedouin dining experiences

Referring to the tribes that live nomadic lifestyles in Egypt’s deserts, enjoying Bedouin dining can either involve accepting their hospitality or staying at one of the traditional restaurants dotted around the resorts. The food is delicious – usually a generous combination of pitta breads, seasoned rice and meats cooked over open flames, plus lots of fresh fruit, nuts and dates.

Egypt family holidays

Egypt is an ideal destination for family holidays where you can relax, have fun and create some unforgettable memories. You can choose to explore some of the spectacular ancient sights, take in exciting activities or simply sit back and enjoy the amazing beaches.