Marsa Alam Holidays 2024/2025

Sitting snug against the Red Sea, this seaside town is a fresh resort that’s rich in Egyptian style and provides plenty of opportunities for fun in the sun. Snorkel beneath the waves, bask on the beach or shop until you drop in this colourful, cultural community.

Marsa Alam Holiday Deals

A sensational shoreline

There used to be shrouds of secrecy surrounding Marsa Alam, but its growing popularity as a tourism hotbed is a clear sign that it’s golden shores are enticing more and more visitors. You’re sure to feel right at home from the second you arrive, due to the friendly nature of the local townsfolk together with the modern design of the area.

With the airport just a short drive away and the coast so close, the allure of Marsa Alam holidays makes perfect sense. Enticing beaches in the area collectively dip their hats to Abu Dabab Beach, where turtles often come to play. This makes the beach not only popular with those looking to lounge in the heat, but with divers keen to meet the wildlife.

Turtles, octopuses and exotic fish await beneath the waves, together with dolphins and sharks. The local natural marine wonders of Samadai Reef and Elphinstone Reef will amaze you with their colour and vitality.

Shopping at Port Ghalib

While Marsa Alam and its surrounding natural beauty are a pocket of serenity that’s hard to leave behind, there’ll be times when you’ll want to do some shopping, dine out in style and explore your surroundings. That’s where Port Ghalib comes in, a slick marina where shimmering seas meet sunny lunches and the biggest bargains.

Upmarket boutiques and stores stocking local crafts all line the streets of this fantastic corner of the coastline. Coffee shops by the shore will keep you energised, while classy restaurants serve up mouthwatering meals while the sun sets.

If you prefer something a little more traditional, Port Ghalib also hosts a bazaar similar to the market days of old with bartering merchants and hidden gems around every corner.

Dining with style

Despite being a small, cosy community, Marsa Alam still gives plenty of options to diners. The people of Marsa Alam have come to welcome the international community to their dinner tables as much as their town’s sights and sounds, so every kind of palate is catered to here.

A popular choice with those enjoying package holidays to Egypt is Bicafe, which lights up after dark with a host of international options, including steak, sushi and carbonara. Seafood and Mediterranean cuisine is also easy to find, with both Fish Market and Nino’s Italian Cuisine offering the flavours made famous by the rustic havens of Tuscany and the upmarket eateries of Rome.

Local treats like kushari dance on the menu alongside tapas and spiced meats at Divino Restaurant, which characterises its international appeal through its striking exterior, which mixes Arabian chic with global charm.

Get back to nature

It’s not all about the Red Sea or exploring beneath the surface. If you turn your attention south, a whole host of engaging experiences await you.

This is most distinctively felt in Wadi El Gamal, which translates as The Valley of the Camels. It’s a natural park where the intrinsic beauty of Egypt has been pristinely preserved. If you explore far enough, you’ll find the ancient emerald mines where Cleopatra is said to have sourced the stones for her jewellery.

The warmest of welcomes

With palm trees and softly rippling ocean waves, Marsa Alam has a tropical feel, despite its desert climate. This is great news, as the weather stays hot all year round.

It’s not just the weather that’s set to warm your spirits. Don’t forget, Marsa Alam is home to some of the finest All Inclusive hotels in Egypt, so you can expect things like soothing spa days and affordable luxury at your fingertips. What’s more, the people here are known for their friendly hospitality, so don’t be afraid to say hello when you’re out and about or relaxing in the hotel lobby.

Marsa Alam is a stretch of relaxing coastline well worth your attention, so we suggest you experience it before it gets as popular as places like Benidorm or Cyprus. Treat yourself to the unspoilt beach, meet the curious turtles who flop adorably along the sand, and sink beneath the surface to experience some of the most captivating reefs known to mankind.


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