Taba Holidays 2024/2025

On the Sinai Peninsula, close to the border with Israel, lies the city of Taba. Egypt has big plans to promote Taba holidays and as an up-and-coming resort with relatively little development Taba is a great place to visit for a relaxing Egypt holiday in the sun. Taba holidays are all about fine sandy beaches and wonderful diving opportunities.

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Relaxing Egypt

The beautiful coral reefs are close to the shore and are a superb place for novice and experienced divers alike to see some extraordinary underwater attractions. Holidays in Taba are also a good opportunity for complete beginners to learn the basics of scuba diving.


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Snorkelling and parasailing are popular attractions on Taba holidays, although lounging on the beach soaking up the sun is an equally common pastime. The nightlife on Taba holidays is relatively reserved, with much of it centred around the hotels, making it an excellent place for families to enjoy time together. The cuisine in Taba is typical of the area with kebabs and falafel particular local favourites and some very tasty dessert pastries. The Hotels will offer a variety of international food to suit a range of tastes.

Attractions Of Taba

Taba holidays are popular with divers due to the sheer number and variety of quality dive sites. Other water sports also play a part in the enjoyment of holidays in Taba with lots of facilities close to the beach giving this exotic destination plenty of choice. To add some cultural flavour to your holiday there is a short boat trip to Pharaoh’s island where the 12th century castle of Salah ad Din still stands, offering outstanding views of Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia from its majestic heights. Most people book Taba holidays simply for the peace and quiet that the area has to offer and the chance to relax in an attractive setting. Book holidays to Taba here at


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