Nissi Beach Holidays 2024/2025

Located in one of Cyprus’ most active and exciting areas, Nissi Beach is a slice of luxury where you’ll never be lost for fun. Sun, sea, sand and relaxation await if you choose a holiday package to Cyprus at this fantastic resort.

Nissi Beach Holiday Deals

Heating up by the sea

British holidaymakers are becoming more and more keen to see the action on offer at Nissi Beach, where sunny shores meet intense nightlife. Nissi Beach is one of the more down-tempo areas close to Ayia Napa though, so if you’re after the wildest nights out the island can offer, but with a slice of laid-back beachfront to beat a retreat to when it’s over, this is definitely the place for you.

This isn’t just a Blue Flag beach like the others across Cyprus – Nissi Beach is so stunning that it’s rated as one of the top beaches in the world, and you’ll know why as soon as you step out onto that perfect creamy-white sand and look at that shimmering blue sea. Sunshine hits Nissi Beach almost every day of the year, while the resort village’s namesake – ‘Nissi’ means ‘little island’ – is a cute little isle off the coast that you can wade to in summer.

Holidays in Nissi Beach

Pump up your aquatic adrenaline

Nissi Beach has a solid reputation for the range of watersports on offer for your Cyprus holidays, with everything from boats and water skiing to jet-skiing and parasailing available for daring souls. But if the windsurfing and motorboats aren’t enough to get your engine running, check out the nearby WaterWorld theme park. It’s styled after ancient Greece, but the rides are madcap, modern and guaranteed to get you drenched.

Soak up some historic sun

Just like anywhere else in Cyprus, there’s a lot of history to be discovered in Nissi Beach, and not just due to how close it is to the city of Larnaca. Explore your surroundings and you’ll chance upon all sorts of findings – recently, evidence was discovered of humans living here as far back as 12,000 years ago. It looks like this place has been popular for longer than many of us thought.

Tastes of Cyprus

Nissi Beach has some of the best meals to be found on the island, with a range of restaurants, snack bars and tavernas that are able to please even the most fussy eaters. There’s plenty of local food to try, and mezzes are as popular here as anywhere else in Cyprus – but if you’re after fast food on your way to a party in Ayia Napa, you’ll be able to grab something hot and tasty on your way to that equally hot and tasty nightlife. Drinks-wise, it’s a similar story – everything from fine wines to a quick beer, and all priced nicely too.

Get active and explore

Once you’ve had your fill of the sunbathing on the beach and the partying in Ayia Napa, you’ll be pleased to find that Nissi Beach is connected to the rest of Cyprus by fast, cheap and efficient bus links. Hop on board and you’ll be in the bustling streets of Larnaca in no time, or even further afield. And if you really want to take matters into your own hands, try renting a vehicle and setting off on your own Cypriot road trip.

Meet the locals

The village huddled around Nissi Beach has everything you’ll be needing for a relaxed stay – shops and supermarkets, replete with plenty of hand-crafted and cultural souvenirs to take home for friends and family.

The people of Cyprus are friendly, and always happy to make friends with visitors, and their insider knowledge might just point you in the direction of the new local hotspot, the tastiest dinner in town or the perfect spot for bargain hunters.

Feel the sunshine

If you’re heading to Nissi Beach you should be ready for your time in the sun. Summer heat tends to soar past 30°C more often than not – even hitting 40°C on those really scorching days. Between November and April, the parasol and loungers are packed away, but the resort is still open for business, and you can still expect soothing sunshine that rarely falls under 20°C.


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