A guide to the best beaches in Amathus Bay

Despite its diminutive size, Amathus Bay plays host to a handful of remarkable beaches, including several which have earned Blue Flag accreditation. This means they’re guaranteed to be of a high standard, with adequate facilities, superb cleanliness and well-maintained water. Below are a handful of the more highly recommended beaches to visit during your next Paphos holiday, all of which have earned Blue Flag status.

Aoratoi Beach

The name of the beach derives from the Greek word for ‘invisible’ – and that’s exactly what you might feel if you choose to unfurl your towel on this beautiful beach. Though not quite deserted, it’s certainly quieter than the strips in Limassol – and the sandy coves and rocky outcrops make for a picturesque setting. The shallow rock pools and gentle incline into the sea are just right for little ones exploring the local fauna, and anglers often like to perch atop the boulders when casting off

Facilities are adequate but fairly limited, which means that bringing a packed lunch is recommended, but the watersports centre should provide everything you might need by way of entertainment.

Armonia Beach

This strip of darkened sand begins narrow and gradually widens as it runs westward. The beach’s sheltered location means that the sea is calm and the sands are protected from disruptive winds. It’s a great place to unwind with a good book, punctuated by the occasional dip in the sea. Access is easy by foot, bike or car

Showers, sunbeds and all the other paraphernalia are close at hand, while there are several dining options in the vicinity, as well.

Santa Barbara Beach

Perched right by the port which once served the ancient city of Amathus, Santa Barbara has converted itself into a chic and chilled-out choice with plenty of local colour. The artificial reef installed just offshore acts as a wave break, thus enhancing the natural clarity of the water, while the underwater remains of the old port make for excellent snorkelling spots.

And with the ruins of Amathus a mere stroll away, there’s always the lure of history to keep you occupied when you’ve had enough of the beach.

Parekklisia Beach

While many of the other beaches in the region are interrupted by rocks and pebbles, Parekklisia is one of the few exclusively sandy ones on offer. As a result, it’s very popular with families – especially since the water is clean, clear and shallow, affording youngsters the chance to paddle and explore safely. However, parents should be warned that tides often pick up in the late afternoon

There are plenty of nearby facilities, including tennis courts, cycle paths and a generous selection of beach bars and restaurants.

Governor's Beach

The chalky white rocks of Governor’s Beach extend smoothly into the sea, forming the postcard image of Cyrpus holidays that many of us expect to see. The beach is actually divided into two distinct parts, Governor’s and Kalymnos, both of which have tranquil waters, though the latter is smoother and less uneven than the former. Local amenities include cafes, bars, a children’s playground and even a campsite.