Essential information for Amathus Bay

When to go

Amathus Bay experiences seasons – although its southern location makes even the winter months much milder than those at home. The peak season for tourists taking package holidays to Cyprus is during the summer months when temperatures frequently surpass 30°C, although many visitors also favour the quieter, milder months of November or February.

Amathus Bay is one of the quieter areas of Cyprus, so whenever you decide to go, a relaxing stay is guaranteed. Even in summer you can use Amathus Bay as a quiet haven that’s still close to the nearby city of Limassol. You’ll have both Limassol’s excitement and a peaceful beach resort to enjoy.

Health and safety

Before you leave you should make sure you’ve got medical and travel insurance for yourself and anyone else who’s travelling with you before going on holiday. Even though Cyprus has modern healthcare facilities, those can cost if you’re unprepared and need their services.

It’s also a good idea to apply for a free European Health Insurance Card, EHIC, before leaving the UK as this entitles you to emergency medical treatment on the same terms as Cypriot nationals. It won’t, however, cover you for medical repatriation, ongoing medical treatment or non-urgent treatment. Your EHIC gives you the same rights as a Cyprus national if you need medical treatment during your stay.

You should double check that your insurance policy covers everything that you intend to do while abroad. For example, if you plan to hike or indulge in some extreme sports, it’s best to be fully certain your travel insurance has those activities covered in its plan. See our holiday extras page for more information. For up-to-the-minute information on visiting Cyprus from the UK, visit

Passports and Visas

As a UK national, you don’t need to apply for a visa to enter Cyprus. Just make sure your passport’s up to date and fully valid before you head off on your travels.

Getting around

Cyprus has a good public transport system, with frequent and cheap bus transportation across the country. This means that, although Amathus Bay is secluded, it has fantastic links to the major cities of Cyprus, including neighbouring Limassol. You’ll never be far from the major shopping destinations that the island has to offer on Cyprus holidays – and your feet will give you access to the local sights in the Amathus Bay region.

Advice for travellers with children

A peaceful retreat, Amathus Bay is brilliant for families with young children searching for All Inclusive Cyprus holidays. Days by the beach or exploring the shallows of the sea are bound to put plenty of smiles on those little faces, while restaurants across the resort fully expect families, and many of them have special menus to accommodate their younger guests.

Similarly, hotels across the area are fantastic in giving plenty for children to do, while also providing a safe environment to explore and blow off steam in. Add the local waterparks and outdoor activities to the equation, as well as specialist events throughout the year, and you’re going to have lots of options open to you for the tykes.


Cyprus uses the same kind of plugs and voltage that we do in the UK, so there’s no need to bring any adapters or transformers on your trip.

British Consulate

If you’re a victim of crime or affected by a crisis overseas, or if something happens to a relative or partner contact the British Consulate in Nicosia.

Address: Alexander Pallis Street, PO Box 21978, Nicosia, 1587

Phone: +357 22 861100



If you plan to head there in person, you’ll need to have booked an appointment in advance, as the British Consulate can’t provide services over the counter unless a time slot’s been booked.


The closest hospital to Amathus Bay is Limassol General Hospital, which is in the northwest of Limassol city centre.

Address: Nikaias Street, Kato Polemidia, Limassol 3304

Phone: +357 25 801 100.