A guide to the best beaches in Limassol

Although Limassol makes for the perfect city trip, don’t forget to check out that stunning coastline – the city has some of the best beaches that you’ll find during Cyprus holidays. Every stretch of sand has its own character and appeal, so the perfect retreat is just waiting for you. If you’re looking for beach parties and wild nights of dancing under the stars, it’s best to stick with the coastlines closest to Limassol, or venturing to the party capital of Ayia Napa. But for those of you looking for sun, sand and sea for couples and families, Limassol has a lot to offer.

Dasoudi Beach

The main beach of Limassol city itself extends east for around three kilometres, and is noted for its rich dark sand. Being so close to the city doesn’t mean this beach skimps on the conveniences though, and you can expect to find facilities to make your life easier – changing rooms, snack bars and nearby watersports opportunities.

Governor's Beach

This area takes its name from the pages of history – it’s where the Governor preferred to sun himself during British rule of Cyprus. Today, the beach remains the perfect distance from Limassol city centre, with regular bus access, which gives you the chance to get away from it all. Families are especially fond of Governor’s Beach, with its shallows welcoming little paddling legs and the nearby restaurants keeping hunger at bay.

Melanda Beach

The coastline here is a popular windsurfing spot and the nearby cafes specialise in good old fashioned fish and chips. Melanda Beach makes for a fine retreat from the busy centre of Limassol, with smooth pebbled sands and perfect sunny skies.

Pissouri Beach

Close to Limassol is Pissouri Beach, and although it’s a well-known tourist trap, there’s still plenty of character and heart in this stretch of shoreline. It’s location means it’s popular with those enjoying Paphos holidays too, while parasols and loungers line the sands and there’s a selection of tavernas to try when you get thirsty. Many of them hold New Year’s celebrations that have helped make this corner of Cyprus a popular winter holiday destination.

Lady's Mile Beach

Lady’s Mile Beach is named for the horse once ridden by the island’s governor across the shore. Not only will you be enjoying seven kilometres of unspoilt sand, but Lady’s Mile Beach is located close to a salt lake where thousands of flamingos gather every year.

Button Beach

Head even further south past Lady’s Mile Beach, and the inviting sight of Button Beach is waiting for you. This is something of a secret treasure, well known to locals, but less so to holidaymakers – and as a result, it’s got plenty of natural beauty. Sand dunes and untouched coastline stretch out in every direction, giving you a secluded hideaway from the rest of the world.

Kourion Beach

For an area that combines peace and quiet with modern facilities, nearby tavernas and a rich touch of Cypriot history in nearby ruins, a trip on the bus to Kourion Beach is your best bet. It’s an open-minded place, where visitors can drive their off-road rentals onto the sand and take in some sun.

Avdimou Beach

This enormous swathe of sand and sea is well worth a visit, although you’ll need to rent a car to get there, as it’s a decent drive from Limassol city centre. It’s a popular area for swimmers and people looking to experience the more rural side of Cypriot life, with a nearby taverna that’ll keep you refreshed during the summer, and welcoming water shallow enough to wade in.