A guide to food and drink in Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa‘s a resort with a strong following among party animals and those who like to take a walk on the wilder side of their Cyprus holidays. There’s food from every corner of the world to be had while you’re out living the high life – from traditional halloumi and baklava through to Chinese dim sum, Japanese sushi and good old-fashioned bangers and mash. It’d take a lifetime to list every single place to eat and drink in Ayia Napa, so here are our very best picks.

Exploring Ayia Napa's delicacies

Cypriot cuisine traditionally follows a Mediterranean theme, specifically Greek and Turkish. Grilled meat, fresh vegetables and fish tend to make up the majority of dishes here, with familiar favourites like grape leaves stuffed with meat and rice, kebabs and souvlaki spiced with coriander and cumin.

Among the many dishes and food items that hail from Cyprus, halloumi is perhaps the most famous around the world. The national cheese of Cyprus, halloumi is a semi-hard cheese whose high melting point means it can easily be fried or grilled. It can also be grated over pasta, but it’s best served on its own and eaten by the plateful.

America meets Britain at Golden Arrow Bar

If your tastebuds are feeling homesick on your holidays in Ayia Napa, you won’t find much finer remedies than the full English fry-ups they offer at the Golden Arrow Bar.

Popular with football fans and British tourists, the place has a sleek American-diner-style exterior, but inside it’s the best of British through and through, with a lively pub atmosphere and an outdoors area to sit and people-watch. The menu’s pretty extensive too, with salads and pasta joined by cocktails, burgers and sweet treats.

Middle eastern chicken and bread at Zaatar Lebanese & Syrian Restaurant

Cyprus is located within reach of Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and all these influences give its food a massive amount of variety.

Lebanese and Syrian food such as mezze and falafel are hugely popular, and Ayia Napa’s famous Zaatar has made a name for itself not only by virtue of its great service, but also for the delicious meals on offer. The chicken and the breads it gets served with are especially renowned, although you’ll have plenty of choice once you take your seat here.

Excellence in every course at Isaac Tavern

Don’t be fooled by the peaceful, laid-back style of Isaac Tavern. The desserts they serve here will appeal to even the most demanding sweet tooth, and the lamb chops are succulent, tender and packed with flavour. What’s more, there’s seafood aplenty on the menu, from calimari to the catch of the day.

Get personal at Blueberries Restaurant

The motto of this place is ‘the personal touch’, and that certainly comes across in everything from the decor to the service to the cuisine.

Established in the 1980s by British expats, Blueberries Restaurant has gone on to become famous for its blend of English and Cypriot meals. Expect to try tyrokafteri – hot pepper and cheese dip – with buffalo chicken wings alongside king prawns, swordfish and fillet steaks, and anything from coffee to cocktails to go with it.

Views and desserts at Glasshouse Lounge Restaurant

The meals here are divine, and the desserts doubly so. Yet what makes the Glasshouse stand out is the fact that it offers a fantastic view of the town, with the streets spread in clear sight below you as you dine on gourmet dishes long into the night. It’s a romantic retreat for sure, and the wine list features tipples for every budget.