A guide to the best beaches in Ayia Napa

Chances are you’ve come to Cyprus to catch some sun and spend some time by the sea, and – with 14 Blue Flag beaches within easy reach – holidays in Ayia Napa have plenty of choices. There’s no doubting that this is a party hub, but there’s still a strip of sandy shoreline to call your own away from the hustle and bustle. The town definitely has a beach for every occasion, and if you’re smart, you’ll know the best places to go, how to beat the crowds, and where to get the best drinks on your Ayia Napa holidays. We’ve put together a few highlights for you.

Grecian Bay Beach

Because it’s within walking distance of many of Ayia Napa’s hotels, it’s likely that this’ll be one of the first stretches of sand you spend time on during your visit to the island – and you could certainly do a lot worse.

Golden-white sands curl around the coast, stretching away from the town towards the nearby sea-caves, and the beach is lined with sunloungers and holidaymakers. This is a popular spot for families and those still getting their bearings at the start of their Cyprus visit. Although it’s so gorgeous – and peaceful enough – that you might happily spend your entire trip here.

Macronissos Beach

Macronissos Beach is located west of Ayia Napa, and is popular with both holidaymakers and locals. It consists of one large main beach with two smaller sandy strips on each side, and has a relaxed atmosphere that’s great for an afternoon away from the busy action of Ayia Napa’s town centre.

Don’t let the peaceful vibe fool you, though – the lively spirit of Ayia Napa is alive and well at Macronissos Beach, thanks to the beach club located here. Members frequently enjoy beach parties and concerts, as well as some exclusive festivals.

Sandy Bay

This beach is located snugly between two areas of headland that reach out into the ocean, giving the golden sands a secluded touch. There’s food and drink within easy reach, as well as a wide range of watersports – expect to see windsurfers and jet-ski-riders cruising the waves. What’s more, if you brave the paths to the height of the surrounding grassy outreaches, you can look down at the whole of Ayia Napa and plan your next exploration.

Konnos Bay

Private yachts and motorboats often drop anchor here to refresh and recharge. The glistening blue water of Konnos Bay is framed by outcrops of land covered in pine trees, and the sand is silky white. There are nearby restaurants and bars to keep you going, as well as sunloungers for rent that have a unique perk. They’re plastic, and float if you take them out on the sea – great for some mobile sunbathing.

Ayia Thekla

If you absolutely have to get away from it all during your stay in Ayia Napa, then you’ll be richly rewarded if you seek out the local secret retreat – Ayia Thekla.

This is the furthest west of all Ayia Napa’s beaches, and if you’re prepared to take a walk off the beaten track, you’ll find unspoilt sands with only the residents of local villas as fellow guests. It’s the best place to completely recharge your batteries away from the town, leaving you ready for more once the sun sets and the famous Ayia Napa nightlife begins to stir.