A guide to things to do in Ayia Napa

Your visit to the party capital of Cyprus won’t be easily forgotten – there’s so much to see and do during the day on Ayia Napa holidays before you even get started on the nightlife. Larnaca is close at hand, meaning you’ve got plenty to keep you occupied in terms of shopping and soaking up some history. However, the entertainment to be found on holidays in Ayia Napa itself is definitely going to keep you active from dawn to dusk – and possibly round until dawn again.

Adventures in the ocean

From catamaran cruises to full-blown boat parties, Ayia Napa’s stunning blue sea hosts some of the most exciting adventures you can have during your stay.

For families, there are full-day events such as pirate-ship journeys and sea-cave exploration, while daring holidaymakers will love the diving opportunities and the chance to take part in watersports from jet-skiing to parasailing.

You could also try flyboarding, involving gadgets you strap to your feet so you can hover and flip on streams of high-pressure water. Whatever your favourite wet-and-wild activity, Ayia Napa can make it happen.

Bungee jumping in the town centre

We’ve all seen those daring souls who leap off a wooden bridge over some rainforest waterfall, screaming as they plunge down and bounce back up again on their bungee cords. In Ayia Napa, you can do the same thing in an urban centre, complete with your friends and family watching from the ground and cheering you on.

Ayia Napa is a place for the bold, and its party atmosphere carries over to the extreme sports that provide many of its best activities. Formerly this bungee-jumping site was based at Nissi Beach before relocating to Ayia Napa.

Bungee jumping at the Napa Bungee site is well-known for its safety standards, so you can take the 60-metre-plunge with confidence. The venue’s also known for its amazing pool and foam parties, so even if you don’t take the leap, there’s plenty to celebrate and go wild with.

Quadbike through the back country

If you’re not too keen on chugging along in buses and taxis, you can take matters into your own hands by renting a quadbike, a moped or even a beach buggy in Ayia Napa. You have total freedom in roaring around the island on these rugged vehicles, and petrol-heads will love the opportunity to define exactly how and where they choose to explore.

That said, there are more structured ways of getting around as well, such as the quad bike safaris. You’ll join a fleet of fellow holidaymakers riding across the stunning terrain around Ayia Napa – and get back to town just in time to hit the bars.

Party, party, party!

You’re in the wildest and most outlandish town in Cyprus, and there’s no excuse for going home without a night to remember. However you like to chase the nightlife and dance until dawn, Ayia Napa has the answer – from epic bar-crawls with experts who know all the best clubs, to paint parties, foam parties, beach parties and booze cruises.

You can easily lose yourself in Ayia Napa’s balmy night air – and the countless cocktail combinations – of the Mediterranean’s party heart.