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When Animals Attack!

After tying the knot and jetting off to see some of the magnificent sights of Las Vegas, Titus and Drew Ellis saw more than they bargained for.

The newlyweds, from Montana, were in Las Vegas on 1st September celebrating their nuptials, and whilst on their jaunt, decided to head to the lion enclosure at the MGM Grand Hotel.

Mr Ellis was videotaping the male and female lions, alongside their two trainers, when suddenly the male took exception to one of the trainers and made a beeline for him.

As the male lion lunged, the trainer tried to escape, with his colleague attempting to distract the animal. A struggle ensued and a female also decided to join the fray, but luckily the trainer managed to break free and made a hasty escape to freedom.

The trainer made a swift getaway, leaving his colleague to take control and bring the lions back under control, although the male still appeared extremely agitated.

There was no evidence of blood or vivid injuries, although the handler was evidently in great pain during the attack.

This trainer should be thanking his lucky stars that it was the male feline showing him so much attention, as females are said to launch much more devastating attacks….sounds about right eh girls??

On a smaller scale of the feline species, this dainty looking news reporter got more than she bargained for when her live report went bad.

Standing in front of those cameras airing out live to the nation, Kathleen Cochrane looked confident and comfortable talking about cat abuse cases while holding this little tabby.

However the kitty wasn’t quite so happy, even though Kathleen referred to the cat as ‘having fun’, it clearly wasn’t as it attacked her face and plunged its claws into her hair.

After letting the cat go, poor Kathleen let out a slight whimper and appeared to begin to cry as the cameras quickly left her and went straight back to the studios. Later, Kathleen told TV hosts that she was fine but maybe a little scratched up!

Now although this doesn’t technically qualify as an ‘attack’, the sheer panic running through this reporters face is enough to be misconstrued as a malicious onslaught.

As the unsuspecting host enjoys observing the snake at an arms length, he was unaware of the mischievous reptile sitting on the table.

As he’s making small talk about the serpent, he takes a firm grip of its tail-end to measure its full length. Caught off guard, the host is filled with fear as the lizard takes a running jump and lands on the front of his jacket.

Hilariously, he stumbles backwards with his arms flailing, screams and eventually falls over dropping the snake. This hilarious moment was captured on TV with millions of viewers howling at this scene.