6 Reasons to Visit Rhodes

When you think of a gorgeous Greek escape, it might be serene Santorini or amazing Mykonos that first comes to mind. But you might be surprised to discover that the island of Rhodes has the ability to surpass the others, if you just give it the chance! Here’s 6 reasons Rhodes is worth  a visit for your next holiday…

Two Seas for the Price of One

This island is the home of where two seas meet – the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean, meaning you swim in both seas in a matter of seconds! How many other destinations can have you experiencing this unique and one-of-a-kind phenomenon? 

You’ll be hard-pressed to leave these slices of heaven – with calm and clear waters and wonderfully white sands, you’d be forgiven for feeling a tropical vibe about the beaches here.

From Anthony Quinn Bay with its lush lagoon-like setting to the full-on inflatable waterpark and watersports at Tsampika beach, there’s a slice of sand to impress all kinds of travellers. Picture-perfect St. Paul’s Bay is hidden away in a well-protected cove right beneath Lindos, and is prime snorkelling territory! 

If you head out for the day to bustling Faliraki, the three-mile stretch of sand here will reward you with beach bars, cafes and restaurants aplenty! It’s an ideal spot for soaking up the sun with a cocktail in hand and doing a bit of our favourite past-time – people watching!

Fantastic Food

Greek food generally needs no introduction – flavoursome meats, fresh salads, tasty dips – what’s not to love?

Come to Rhodes and you’ll get to try all the best of Greek cuisine in abundance – we’re talking a real Greek salad with an entire block of feta cheese on the top, and bulging gyros wraps jam-packed with fresh chicken, salad, and topped off with chips and drizzled in garlic and chilli sauce. Yikes, is anyone else hungry?

If you love testing out the tapas in Spain, then you’ll likely love Greek mezze too – imagine a platter full to the brim of tasty goodness, with everything from chargrilled chicken skewers to halloumi cheese sticks, pita bread, hummus, roasted red peppers, tzatziki…the list just goes on and on!

Lindos Town

You can’t come to Rhodes and not visit Lindos – it would be like visiting Rome and not touring the Colosseum! Not only does Lindos have its own stunning beach, but the town itself is one of the prettiest and most authentically Greek places you’ll ever set your eyes on.

Make your way up into the maze-like streets of the village and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped in time, with locals selling trinkets along the winding, mosaic paths, donkeys clip-clopping their way past, and some of the most gorgeous panoramic views overlooking the bay below as you reach the top. 

Along the way you’ll spot intimate bars and restaurants serving up fresh flavours and colourful cocktails, so make sure to find a spot to sit back and soak up the views below. 


If you love spending days in the sun and turning things up at night, then there’s plenty that’ll tickle your fancy in Rhodes. 

End a day of exploring the famed archaeological site of Lindos by popping to the amazing Amphitheatre Club which lies directly opposite, an open-air space hosting live performers and DJ acts. 

Equally if you’re after a more chilled affair on an evening, there’s so many places to simply take in some live music and chill after a busy day. Santa Marina cafe-beach bar is the place to go for artisan cocktails, good pub grub and even better vibes. It has a real boujee-boho feel to it!

And if you want an authentically Greek night out, then make sure to go to Astra Live in Ialysos. Prepare to dance ‘til dawn to fun Greek rhythms, with some of the most talented Greek performers taking to the stage to sing, as well as play traditional instruments like the bouzouki! 

Valley of the Butterflies

If you want to do something a little different whilst on holiday, then a trip to the Valley of the Butterflies is a must! This magical and unique nature reserve is an area of outstanding beauty, surrounded by spectacular waterfalls, pretty paved paths and lakes. 

The wow-factor really kicks in though when you witness the thousands of beautiful butterflies which fly to this area between May-September to reproduce. It’s a special sight to behold! From resting on the branches of the surrounding trees to fluttering in the air around you, you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped into a fairytale.

Enjoy a lovely stroll through nature on the lower valley, or if you’re feeling more adventurous, hike to the higher part and reach the monastery of Kalopetra. Many people stop here to meditate and take in the views, which are out of this world!

Ready to relax in Rhodes?

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