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Tips for brilliant (and safe) family safaris to Kenya

Kenya’s incredible wildlife has attracted tourists to this small, east African country for generations. Boasting several large game reserves and national parks, Kenya is home to thriving communities of the ‘Big Five’ African game animals: African elephant, Cape buffalo, lion, rhinoceros and leopard. Combine those fascinating wildlife populations with beautiful scenery and a vibrant culture, and it’s easy to see why it is such as alluring tourist destination and hotspot for safaris to Kenya.

Visiting Kenya with the kids?

More than your typical holiday, a safari adventure can be a great educational experience for you and your kids. What better way to teach them about different cultures, African geography and wildlife conservation than by allowing them to experience all three subjects in person?

However, as a less typical holiday destination for families, it’s also reasonable to wonder whether these safaris are really suitable for kids. While the decision is up to you, rest assured that the classic Kenyan holiday remains a family-friendly choice. Here are a few tips for ensuring your trip is as safe as it is thrilling:

  • Check the FCO travel advisory information before you book

Kenya is historically one of the safest countries in Africa, although remember to be vigilant if you’re visiting Nairobi or Mombasa. The truth is that much of the country remains very safe for travel. Before you book your family safari in Kenya, check the Foreign & Commonwealth Office travel advisory information for the country. As of June 2013, the FCO recommended you stay within 60km of the Kenya-Somalia border to ensure your safety.

  • Research companies that offer safaris for families

Certain safari companies in Kenya cater to families travelling with their children. Choosing a Kenya safari that’s designed specifically to cater for families can make a major difference in how much you enjoy your holiday. These family-friendly itineraries often include activities specifically designed for kids, including educational sessions and opportunities to play with Kenyan children around the same age.

  • Check the age restrictions

Many safari packages are restricted to visitors of a certain age. While there are family-friendly safari itineraries that cater to kids, even those may prohibit very young children from participating. Before you book, make sure that your children are old enough take part.

There’s nothing quite like experiencing the breathtaking beauty of Kenya’s wildlife with your kids. A tour of the country’s incredible landscapes and seeing its wildlife up close will surely feed your family’s appetite for adventure.