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Octogenarian Climbs Sydney Harbour Bridge – for 40th Time!

When you think of cheap holidays in Australia, what do you think of? Safaris in the outback? Kangaroos bouncing majestically across the plains? A barbecue on a luscious beach as the sun sets? May be your view of Australia holidays is a more urban one – beaches still feature, of course, but it’s Bondi Beach in Sydney and you’re off to the spectacular Opera House later. Is it the vistas from Sydney Harbour Bridge that fire the imagination? It has certainly been the source of inspiration for many.

Since the bridge opened in 1932, over 2.7 million people from 137 separate countries have made it their business to climb to the top, and this week the latest intrepid climber reached the summit – and most likely enjoyed a nice sit down after having done so.

This latest climber was an especially remarkable one – 83-year-old local Lloyd Poulton, who has climbed the 440-foot high structure 39 times before! He scaled with friends, who all enjoyed a celebratory tipple at the top.

Lloyd was climbing with tourism company BridgeClimb Sydney, which as the name suggests, specialises in overseeing trips to the top of the bridge while ensuring safety, support and supervision.

Lloyd is their most frequent climber and has climbed more than 52,000 steps since his first ascent in 2001 and has snapped almost 200 pics from the top, having spent over 135 hours clambering up the iconic landmark. This week he said that BridgeClimb remains one of his favourite experiences in the city and regards many of the company’s staff as personal friends.

“I have made some great friends here at BridgeClimb, and the reason why I keep coming back is simply because every time I climb, I enjoy the experience just as much as the time before. You haven’t seen the last of me yet,” he declared – announcing plans for his 41st climb to mark his 84th birthday on 2 October.