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Is Morocco Safe To Travel To?

Morocco offers a wealth of culture and sunshine – perfect for people wanting an exotic holiday without a lengthy plane journey. You’ll fall head over heels for its ancient cities and sweeping deserts.

Trust us when we say you won’t be able to get enough of this African beauty. Make sure you monitor and regularly check the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website before booking any holiday. It’s worth taking their general safety advice no matter which destination you’re flying to. After you’ve gathered all the information, don’t forget to check out all our amazing All Inclusive holidays to Morocco.

Morocco welcomes over 400,000 Brits every year, thanks to its well-developed beaches, fascinating cultures, and reliable sun. Whilst Morocco offers many holiday resorts, Agadir and Marrakech are the most popular, with the majority of holiday makers returning year after year. Agadir feels unlike anywhere in Morocco, it is the country’s premier destination for sun, sand, pubs and pizza. Agadir caters well for all types of tourists but tends to see more families due to its laid back vibe. Agadir has been built to attract customers that want to relax and see little of Morocco’s charm, so if it’s souks and the more traditional Morocco you are wanting then we would recommend Marrakech.

Marrakech is a true year-round destination, with spring and autumn being the best times to travel, as the days are warm and the nights not too chilly. Forget your bucket and spade beach breaks; Marrakech leaves you with vivid memories and photographs that need explaining. Visiting Djemaa El Fna is a must for anyone wanting to explore Morocco. In this huge walled square you will find market stalls, snake charmers and the souks, but at night the square becomes alive with storytellers, acrobats and musicians.

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