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Egypt’s for Everyone: Why the Land of the Pharaohs is a Winner

We’re delighted to announce the most recent winner of our Dolls Life caption competition. @LilinhaAngel, your hilarious  caption for the picture of Betty and Dave exploring Egypt is well-deserving of our £100 voucher giveaway. Well done!

A country that basks in sunshine all-year-round, Egypt is a firm favourite on Britons’ holiday itineraries. Why? It has something that appeals to the whole family, whether you’re 50+, couples with children, or young singles – the combination of culture, adventure and affordability is pretty much unrivalled.

Here are just a few reasons why Egypt appeals to people of all ages and tastes.

Day Tripping to the Pyramids

You’d probably feel a bit let down if you visited Egypt and didn’t see at least one pyramid, which is why a day trip to Giza is the perfect outing for anyone with a passing interest in history. The Giza Plateau is about 30 minutes outside of Cairo, and home to the enigmatic Sphinx. Be sure to stop by Sakkara, site of Egypt’s oldest pyramid (circa 2650 B.C.!).

Cocktails in Na’ama Bay

One of the most exciting spots in Sharm el Sheikh, this area comes alive at night with the music from dozens of restaurants and bars. Stroll along Sultan Qabous St, stopping at the popular Panorama Zara bar, which spans three terraces, and where you can enjoy a cold drink and a snack on the rooftop underneath the stars (but be wary of those holiday calories)!

Manta Rays in Ras Mohammad

A coast with the best diving spots in the world, the Red Sea Riviera is a goldmine for water babies of all descriptions, whether it’s diving at the famous wreck SS Thistlegorm or snorkelling in the beautiful Ras Mohammad national park, where a huge variety of colourful corals, fish and sharks can be seen.

Jeep, quad and camel tours for the kids

Head out into the Sinai desert, where the landscape is vastly different from the lush, rolling hills at home, and desert creatures like lizards and camels are a marvel for younger children. Take a trip up to Saint Catherine’s Monastery (the oldest working Christian monastery in the world) and spend time outdoors with a local Bedouin tribe.

Experience Bustling Cairo by Bus

A great tour to take if you’re staying on the Red Sea Coast, this is an opportunity to experience Egypt’s capital city from the comfort of an air-conditioned bus – and to view places like the Ben Ezra Synagogue, Egyptian Museum, Cairo Citadel and Giza Plateau from your window. The ‘city of a thousand minarets’ is filled with attractions, but if you’re pressed for time, this is one of the best ways to pack your experience of it into a single day.