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Budget Buys, Travel Gadgets You Can’t Travel Without

When you think gadgets, does James Bond spring to mind? “The names Bond, James Bond” yes, he’s back on our screens with his new blockbuster movie Spectre and he’s one man who certainly loves his gadgets. Don’t worry though, we are not going to be looking at state of the art type of gadgets that James Bond would play with, we are going to take a look at simple budget buy travel gadgets that could make your travels a whole lot smoother, and they’re not just for gadget lovers!

Some of us love gadgets, some of us hate them. However, when it comes to holidays, there are some really useful ones on the market that are handy for even the most technophobe among us.
With Christmas just around the corner, these could be useful stocking fillers for family and friends who love to travel.

For only £5.99, never lose track of time again with this world travel clock and thermometer.

Make sure you stick to airport regulations with these 100ml refillable leak proof bottles priced at £7.99.

This split jack is a great device for allowing two people to listen and watch on one device for only £8.99.

Stay cool on the go for only £8.99. Just pop this micro fan in your pocket for when you need a blast of cold air.

 Why not invest £10.99 for some handy Pack-Mate Travel Bags. These are a great space saver when it comes to packing. They also help to prevent creasing too.

No batteries are required for this handy self-powered torch priced at £12.99.

For just £14.99, you won’t need to struggle with your luggage with this foldaway portable travel trolley.

A handy travel adapter plug is a must when travelling abroad. This one is compatible in over 150 countries costing £16.99.

This spacious bag is great for all the little extras you may bring back from your travels, and when it’s not in use, it neatly packs away. Bag this for  £21.99.

Cosy up on your flight with this Samsonite convertible neck pillow priced at £22.00 The clip allows you to attach the pillow to your bag freeing up space.

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