Big Changes Announced For Airport Security Rules

The government has announced that by June 2024, all airports will have installed new technology in their security hubs. From then on, travellers will no longer need to worry about the 100ml rule for liquids in their hand luggage, or about removing electrical items. The limitation on liquid in hand luggage has been in place since 2006, so this is a big change for the travel industry.

What do these changes to airport security processes mean?

This new legislation means that passengers will be able to leave their liquids and any electrical items in their hand luggage bags as they pass through security. The new technology will have the capability to give security staff more detailed 3D images of the items within any piece of cabin luggage, heightening security and streamlining the passenger screening process.

How much liquid will passengers be permitted to take through security?

The new rules will allow you to take up to two litres of liquid through security in your hand luggage.

How will passengers be impacted by the 100ml rule change?

Once you’re through airport security, you feel like you’re really on your holidays – the stressful part of the journey (getting to the airport, checking in, dropping off your baggage and getting through security) is over! The new rules surrounding airport security will help to make this first part of your holiday go that bit more smoothly. You won’t have to trawl through your hand luggage for liquids and clear bags, and you won’t have as much to separate into different trays on your way through security.

It is said that the new rules will help to shorten lengthy queues at airport security and improve the overall customer experience at the airport, as well as the obvious benefit of detecting any potential threats with this incredible new technology.

When will we start noticing the difference in airport security?

Whilst the government wants to have this new technology installed as soon as possible, it will take some time. Over the next two years, the legislation is being phased in across the UK. The deadline for airports to install the new security technology has been set for June 2024. Until then, you can expect some airports will still require you to separate your liquids and electricals (and follow the 100ml rule) on your journey through security.

If you’re due to travel before June 2024, we would recommend checking the security requirements at your departure airport before your travels to avoid disappointment, especially as these new measures are being rolled out.