Everything you Need to know About Mexico Departure Tax

If you’ve Googled Mexico departure tax and you’re reading this, there’s a pretty good chance you’re off on a Mexico holiday. So, we’re giving you a high five for picking one of our top destinations.

Now you’ve booked and the countdown is on, it’s time to look at the more practical side of your holiday to Mexico, here’s everything you need to know about Mexico departure tax.

What is a Departure Tax?


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Departure tax is a fee charged to a person when leaving the country, in this case it’s Mexico. Lots of countries have some sort of entry or exit tax but depending on your tour operator, this cost may be covered in the price of your All Inclusive holiday to Mexico.

Here’s a list of the main airlines that offer holidays to Mexico and their departure tax information.

TUI– Your departure tax is included for Mexico

British Airways – Included in the cost before you travel

Virgin – Included in the cost before you travel

Important– We always recommend checking with the tour operator when booking your holiday as inclusions are subject to change.

How do I pay the Departure Tax?

When visiting Mexico you need a Tourist Card prior to your arrival (also known as an Official Entry Immigration Form).

Airlines often hand out Tourist Cards on board the aircraft, or you can be super organised and fill it in online beforehand using the straightforward registration process on the National Institute of Immigration website. All you’ll need is your passport, flight information, address or name of the hotel you’re staying at and a printer to print it out.

The Tourist Card has two parts – an entry form and an exit form. When you arrive into Mexico an immigration officer will keep your entry form and stamp your exit form which you will need to keep tight hold of during your holiday. When you are checking in for your flight back home, simply present your exit form at the check-in desk and pay your leaving fee.

How much is the Departure Tax in Mexico?

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The current cost is around 1,150 Mexican Peso’s, which is approximately £50.00 per person depending on the exchange rate. Just a heads up – card payments, travellers’ cheques and Scottish or Irish pounds are not accepted so make sure you have the correct change ready.

Important – The departure tax is controlled locally and is subject to change without notice.

Do children have to pay Departure Tax?

Yes. The rule is that everyone who has a seat on the aircraft must pay departure tax. If you’re travelling with an infant under the age of 2, providing they sit on your knee during the flight, then there will be no charge for this child.

Is there a fee to enter Mexico?

You don’t need to pay any kind of fee to get into Mexico, and if you hold a British passport you don’t need a visa. All you need to do is pay your departure tax when you’re leaving the country and this doesn’t have to be done in advance – just remember to hand in the other half of your immigration form.

What happens if I lose my Tourist Card?

You will be unable to leave Mexico as the card proves that you entered the country legally. Don’t worry, you won’t be forced to stay sunning yourself and drinking tequila for the remainder of your days. You can fill out a new form from a bank but there’s a charge of up to approximately £50*. If not then you’ll face a fine when you get to the airport and want to leave the country. This can be a real hassle, so the best advice is to keep your tourist card safe with your passport.

*Prices are subject to change.

For more information on prices and currency in Mexico, check out our handy guide.

Updated 27 March 2019.