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11 of the most unbelievable and funny travel complaints from real customers

Most of the time we jet off on holiday and have a well-deserved break and an amazing 7-night story to go home and tell friends and family. On the odd occasion things don’t go quite to plan, we know we can come home and complain to the tour operator. Hopefully they will make some improvements and it won’t happen again.

But what about those complaints for which there is simply no answer? We asked experienced travel advisors to give us a rundown of their most memorable complaints to date and you won’t be disappointed with the list. Here is our rundown of the funniest and best holiday complaints ever!


1. Brand loyalty

A passenger once got to their hotel in resort and rang up customer services straight away to complain that there was no Andrex toilet paper.

2. Family feud?

A reservation agent once took a query from a customer planning a holiday only to be told that unfortunately there were not enough seats on the flight. The customer replied, “my son can stand, he doesn’t need a seat”

3. Connection confusion

A customer due to go on a package holiday that included resort transfers called up to see when they would be collected from their home in Liverpool and taken to Manchester Airport.

4. Magical mystery mountain tour

In a ski resort: a customers asked an agent,”should I just jump on any coach, they all go to the same mountain don’t they?”

5. Clairvoyant questions

At a welcome meeting in a hotel on their very first day, a customer asked, “will my flight be delayed next Saturday?”

6. Buffet lottery

“I’m going to Marmaris next week, can you tell me what food they’ll have on in the buffet for dinner?”

7. Big kids

A customer tells a reservation agent, “I’d like to book a holiday for two adults and two children.” The agent replied, “OK, certainly, how old are the children?” The customer’s response… “32 and 37”

8. Pebble preference?

“Hello, I’ve just got back from my holidays, I’d like to make a complaint that the beach was too sandy”

9. Destination dilemma

A customer to a travel advisor in resort in Mexico, “there are too many Mexicans here!”

10. Major misunderstanding

A customer enquiry about a fly-drive holiday, “I’m just wondering how will I get my car on the aeroplane?”

11. Fishy phobia

Agent: “Would you like a sea view?” Customer: “No thank you, the sharks might get in and I’m scared of fish.”

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