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I enjoy holidaying in the Caribbean and have visited Barbados a few times staying a few of the island’s resorts. There are lots of things to see and do in Barbados, and because the island is quite small getting around is very easy. They drive on the same side of the road as us too, which is useful if you choose to hire a car.

I’ve found that for younger holidaymakers looking for somewhere lively, the best place to stay is in the south. You are also closer to the capital, Bridgetown, which is great for shopping, especially for perfume and jewellery.

Oistins Fish Festival is held in Oistins, a little fishing village. On a Friday and Saturday evening the locals and tourists together celebrate the week’s fishing catch. Locals sell fish, beef stew, rice, and drinks, and the reggae music floats out into the night whilst tourists and the locals intermingle and have a really good time. The Bajan people are very welcoming and friendly, and over the years I have made some nice friends in Barbados.

The race track Garrison Savannah is a must. You could even win a dollar or two on race days. Bajans are mad about cricket and a visit to the Kensington Oval is another must.

Barbados holidays offer fantastic food and eating out can be as cheap of expensive as you like. There are several reasonably priced restaurants in St Lawrence Gap in the south of island, where the nightlife is. The food tastes excellent too. I fall in love with Barbados a little more each time I return, and I can’t recommend holidays to Barbados nearly enough.

By Angela