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Barbados in October

My friend and I found a cheap Barbados holiday departing in October, which I know isn’t the ideal time to travel weather-wise, but this was the perfect opportunity to get away from reality and treat ourselves.

We flew with BWIA West Indies Airways from Manchester. As the airline is based in the Caribbean, we flew directly into Barbados Bridgetown Airport. We had never flown with them before, and hadn’t really heard of them in fact, but BWIA turned out to be a very good airline to travel with and we’d  definitely recommend them.

On arrival in Barbados we were greeted by very heavy rain, and we overheard locals saying they hadn’t seen this much rain for years. Just our luck! Anyway, we weren’t going to let this spoil our holiday, we just wanted to have a really good time and make the most of our 6 short nights abroad.

We were greeted by a flooded complex upon reaching our hotel, the Almond Beach Club and Spa. By this point, we really were beginning to think our holiday was doomed, and the feeling of disappointment began to take over. As we couldn’t stay here, we were passed off to the sister hotel, Almond Beach Village.

Lovely sunset panorama

After getting the feeling this hotel would be awful, we started to feel very sorry for ourselves. However, this feeling very quickly lifted upon arrival. It turned out that this was actually the better hotel of the two, and it felt like things were finally starting to look up! The accommodation was fab. The hotel complex represented everything you’d expect Barbados to be about. It was so beautifully exotic and so, so relaxing. The hotel staff always gave exceptional service with a smile. They were lovely, and nothing was a hardship for them. They went out of their way to help, especially at the beginning of our holiday when they knew we hadn’t had the best start to a holiday. The hotel has a generous number of restaurants and bars serving amazing food. Definitely worth a visit for the quality of the food and drink here. The entertainment was second to none with different shows every night of the week.

As it rained for 5 days of our holiday, we hid within the complex, taking advantage of the all-inclusive facilities our hotel offered. We then took full advantage of the sunshine for our last two days, making the most of the heat. The Almond Beach Village is located on Barbados’ west coast, so we ventured down to the south coast to visit St Laurence’s Gap. All of the bars, restaurants and clubs are clustered here, so if you love to party, here is the place to party the night away. We absolutely loved this area, and we found it was safe to go by ourselves, and it wasn’t at all intimidating. Just let your hair down and enjoy yourself!

A little bit of sunshine after the rain!

I think a holiday to Barbados would suit anyone. Whether singles, couples or families there is a resort to suit everyone, though October may not be the best time for sunseekers to travel!

By Claire Barnard