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Awesome Aruba!

Last November, my husband and I stayed in the Aruba Marriott Resort hotel, goes without saying where this was! We booked online with Holiday Hypermarket and I’d book with them again. The whole process was so simple and stress-free.

The hotel itself is beautiful. It’s located on Palm Beach which gets its name from the palm trees that frame the soft, white sandy beach. Palm Beach was so perfect, I’ve never seen such shimmery white sand. It’s really clean and the sea was so warm it was almost as if I was in a heated pool. Along the beach there are plenty of water sports on offer. My husband just couldn’t resist trying windsurfing and jet-skiing. He needed a lesson as he’d never done anything like this before, and said the instructors where very helpful. I found a lovely little spot under a palm tree, and let him entertain me as he wobbled around on a surfboard!

True paradise.

Whilst researching our holiday destination the week before we flew, my husband came across the Jolly Pirate cruise excursion. It offered a day of fun with some good snorkelling sites. We went snorkelling together, and the water was so clear it was perfect for seeing all of the coral and spotting marine life. The Antilla ship wreck, one of the largest in the Caribbean, was fascinating. It is still intact too, which made it so much more interesting to see. Some of the fish are massive, we even saw a few eels, though these made me quite nervous! Our favourite part of the day without a doubt was the swing rope! This is where you can swing from a tarzee-like rope into the water, and kids and adults alike loved it. They also laid on a barbecue and there was an open bar. It was such a good day, the Jolly Pirate is highly recommended.

The Antilla Shipwreck

Our hotel room was clean, had an airy feel, and a wonderful sea view. It was cleaned every day too. The restaurant food was delicious and the La Vista Italian served traditional Italian food. The sushi bar in the lobby won our vote though. The food was mouthwateringly tasty, we’d never tasted sushi like it.

We had one of our favourite holidays in Aruba!

Mrs Dingle