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9 Secret Holiday Confessions We Can All Relate To

You’ve totally been there – ready to go away, or maybe already on your holiday, when one of these universal feelings strikes…

1. Just get out of there, already

Last day of work before my holidays, and it's slower than the rotation of the earth around the sun...

Fun fact, sometimes, in the last few minutes before your holiday, time actually runs backwards.

2. That is so punny!

My mailman said that he is going to Spain. I asked him if he's going to Parcelona. He ignored me but i think i just made the best joke of 2015. ?When he gets back he’s going to have the post-holiday blues. Get it? Because he delivers the post?

3. When your loved ones just miss you too damn much

Every time we pack to go on holiday, my cat sits in the suitcase so we can't leave

Top Packing Tip: Try not to pack anything that would potentially claw a customs officer’s face off.

4. When you have a rough flight

My nose started bleeding, and it happened every 30 mins in 5 hrs flight If it’s not nosebleeds, it’s a screaming child. If it’s not a screaming child, it’s the airline food. If it’s not the airline food, it’s the monster on the wing that only you can see.

5. It feels like you always have to go back because you forgot something

My plane literally went back to the initial airport because it couldn't land in the destined airport due to snow.   Every. Time.

6. But the one thing you should leave behind is yourself

You ever just want to leave school, leave work, and everything else behind and just travel the world? Yeah me too.

We certainly won’t stop you.

7. And then you really learn how to live

You know you're on holiday when it's mid day and you have ice cream for breakfast!Ice cream for breakfast will only help your holiday as part of a balanced diet of curly fries, margaritas and sun bathing.

8. You want great photos to remember it by

I fell off my horse because I was to busy trying to take selfies

But don’t let it stop you from living in the moment.

9. Of course, some people will never know your joy

Holiday? What's that?! #HotelierProblem

Pity them.