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5 Beachy Looks for Men That Are Stylish – and Practical

Sometimes it can feel as though there are endless racks of beach outfits for women, but men are left with just one or two options. No more! Here are some of our favourite looks for men who want to lay on the beach—in serious style.

The Investment Diver

The Investment Diver

Sports duffle

STELLA McCARTNEY tech accessory
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The Investment Diver is an investment banker most of the time, but when he goes diving, he needs the best equipment known to holidaymakers.

The Urban Beach-Goer

The urban beach-goer

A Bathing Ape’s suspicious Mickey Mouse sums up the urban beach goer’s attitude to the beach. He doesn’t trust the weather, so needs a card, and doesn’t trust the sand – he’ll need boots. The hat is the only concession to possible sunshine.

The Hipster Artist

The hipster artist.

The hipster artist loves his Frenchie dog (he’s a soulful guy) and his faithful SLR (no digital cameras for him). Then he just needs some cool sunnies, his bike and his trunks.

Golden Boy

Golden Boy

A combination of Jeremy Scott and Versace is all Golden Boy needs to go with his golden tan.

Down To Earth Bloke

Simple Beachwear

Menswear should be simple. Grab your board shorts, grab your hat, a white tee, and your Havianas. Good to go!

What are your favourite beach looks, for the gents or the ladies? We want to see your ideas for summer splash fash, so leave you thoughts below or find us on Twitter!