A guide to the best beaches in St Paul's Bay

The region of St Paul’s Bay offers some of Malta’s few sandy beaches among many shingled and pebbled numbers. With access to some of the island’s greatest beaches, make sure your Malta holidays factor in these truly special stretches of sand.

St Paul's Bay Beach

We couldn’t begin an overview of St Paul’s Bay beaches without offering some much-deserved love to the beach of the town itself. Small snippets of sandy shore are framed dramatically by rocky outcrops that sunbathers cherish for their idyllic days under the sun.

You’ll also find a wealth of watersports open to you here, and a keen diving community who love to immerse themselves in the world below. The entire stretch of coastline is traced via a classic promenade, which is a popular date spot, as well as a way to find your feet in your new holiday locale. As you settle into your time in St Paul’s Bay, it’s good to know that you’re not going to walk far at all to enjoy the sunshine and sea on your sun-soaked cheap Malta holidays.

Ta' Fra Ben, Qawra Point

Just beyond the namesake town of Qawra rests Ta’ Fra Ben – a beach that has culture as much as cosy days by the Mediterranean Sea. At the pinnacle of the wider bay in the northern nook of Malta, the beach is looked over by a watchtower that used to ensure the coastal security of Malta.

Because it’s sheltered, the deep sea surrounding Qawra Point is no concern, and nearby amenities and shopping kiosks keep you topped up with drinks to beat the heat and toys for the youngsters to play with on the sand.

Like many beaches in Malta, there are also several rocky outcrops to give further character to the area, while the entire beach is Blue Flag certified, meaning it’s as spick and span as it is sunny and sublime.

Imgiebah Bay

If you simply must ensure that you’re at a beach that’s tucked away from everywhere else, Imgiebah Bay is for you, if you’re up for the journey. Close to Mellieha Bay, a trip here will take you beyond the fringes of St Paul’s Bay to a secluded beach where there’s nary a soul in sight.

That means no watersports and no sunbeds. It’s a natural beach that’s been left more or less untouched, where artists go to retreat from the world and weary travellers turn up to recline under the sun.

You’ll need to factor the journey into your plans and head to Selmun, where it’s best to ask for directions. But once there, you’ll discover for yourself the abundant natural beauty that makes Malta such a pleasant place to be.

Bugibba Perched Beach

All pebbles and mischief, you’re going to find tourists cheerfully at rest and play across Bugibba Perched Beach, which is a manmade stretch of shore. Having been constructed rather than naturally formed has done nothing to diminish the popularity of the place though.

Many holidaymakers choose Bugibba Perched Beach as a place to soak up the sunshine that so blesses every Maltese day. Of course, a tourism-focused beach means you’re always close to the action as well. A quick trip to pick up some drinks and snacks is always just a few footsteps away, and when the sun goes down you can head to the bar for a taste of Maltese hospitality.