A guide to the best restaurants in Kavos

Kavos is widely known to be the most lively area in Corfu, complete with strips full of pubs and clubs. After a night out you’re going to need to rejuvenate with a hearty breakfast, or lunch if you’re having a lie in. Plus, dinner is very important before hitting the town again. Corfu is blessed with incredible cuisine ready for you to indulge when on holidays to Kavos. Kavos also has the benefit of both local and international businesses to suit whatever you have a taste for.

Put some colour into your day at Roussos Restaurants

Roussos always makes for a colourful visit. The restaurant is all about vivid and bright designs, with a scenic view out over the horizon. The food is just as vibrant, with decorative plates served fresh with a smile making it perfect for holidays to Kavos.

The traditional experience at The Rose Tree

This is your authentic Greek taverna, plain and simple. The Rose Tree serves some of the best Greek food in Kavos, with very reasonable price tags and plenty of opportunities to try local Corfiot beers, wines and spirits.

Everything you could want and more at Terry's Greek and International Cuisine

Terry’s has you covered on all the Mediterranean classics. Whether you’re looking for pizza and risotto, souvlaki and kalamari, paella and tapas, you’ll find it all on the huge menu at Terry’s.

Snap it up at Pavlos Taverna Steakhouse

Pavlos Taverna Steakhouse is the number-one place to fill up on food before a big night out. There are always huge portions, the occasional free starter thrown in, making it ideal for cheap Kavos holidays. The owner also likes to pose for photos with guests.

Go all out at Big Max Diner

Big with families, big with groups, big with couples and big with individuals, the Big Max Diner is popular with people of all walks of life. They’re always willing to stick a few more tables together so you can have a last-minute party.

Feel like a film star at The Tex Mex

If you’re looking for a meal with a difference then head on down to The Tex Mex, an American and Mexican joint in Kavos. The exterior is designed like a classic 50s diner, with tons of pop-culture references both inside and outside. Order up, and enjoy the show.

A home away from home at Oven Pub

As the name suggests, the Oven Pub is where you’ll find all your home comforts. From curry to good, old fashioned steak and chips, this is a great place to go if you want to catch the game or meet some other Brits.

A bit of peace and quiet at Likourgos Taverna

Situated right on Kavos beach, Likourgos is a family-friendly place to get some peace and quiet on your holiday. The food is tasty, good value and always fresh. More importantly, the atmosphere is relaxing and the sunset is unbeatable.