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Sharks Bay

Sharks Bay Holidays

Sharks Bay holidays provide you with the opportunity to stay in fantastic beachside hotels. This family friendly resort presents beautiful surroundings that shine underneath the Egyptian sun.

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Hotels right on the beach

Sharm el Sheikh is known as a location where daring divers explore sunken ships and vast coves. While the underwater excitement is found nearby, Sharks Bay offers softer waters where swimmers of all ages will prefer to find Nemo with their snorkelling gear than sunken ships with an oxygen tanks.

There are dozens of activities available for tourists in Sharks Bay both on and off land. Active water sports are available by the sleepy beach while the sands of the desert present an array of opportunities to go for a ride.

Of all the resorts featured within Sharm el Sheikh, Sharks Bay can claim to provide the most fun experiences. Thanks to the short distances between each though, you can also enjoy the best of other resorts like Naama's nightlife and Nabq's new shopping facilities.

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Grab your place in the sun

Sharks Bay Beach is on the doorstep of many hotels so you can mosey onto the sands whenever it suits you. Bring your flip flops as the smooth sand gets hot and parts of the beach are pebbly. That surface won't matter though when you're basking in the sun on a rented sunlounger.

Many people choose to visit Sharks Bay for the exotic ocean life hiding just beneath the surface. By the shallow waters of the shore, strap on a snorkel to view coral reefs filled with colourful fish. There are a few jetties found along the beach which are great jumping off points for when you want to cool down.

Red Sea diving

If you class leisurely swims with snorkels as child's play then there are opportunities to take a scuba dive further off the coast. Vast natural areas of beauty and a sunken British Naval ship are available to explore for veteran divers while newcomers can take lessons to head out and see the sights.

The surrounding land to Sharm el Sheikh is tailor-made for adventure. The Sinai Desert lies behind the comfortable tourist area of Sharks Bay and the baron yet mountainous landscape is a joy to journey through.

SOHO Square

Sharks Bay is home to laidback venues where you're welcome to sit under the stars and enjoy the company and drinks that surround you. Around a kilometre from Sharks Bay is the popular and sprightly SOHO Square. This offering of upmarket bars and nightclubs is a favourite of cocktail lovers while an EastEnders styled Queen Vic will be ready to pull the pints.

A 15 minute taxi ride from Sharks Bay, Naama Bay is the resort area that is central to the Sharm el Sheikh region. The main strip here is filled with exciting bars and clubs while even the restaurants turn into comfortable lounges after midnight.

Barter at Bedouin Bazaar

As well as a thriving nightlife, SOHO Square also features a shopping centre where you can shop for brand names and fashionable clothing.

If you're looking for products with Egyptian charm then the Bedouin Bazaar will satisfy you. This old market is a labyrinth of colourful stalls where you're bound to find a unique ornament, accessory or fragrance from a seller. Haggling is part of the experience so try your hardest to get the best deals.

Market food

Along Sharks Bay Beach you'll find restaurants along the sand and within the hotels too. There are terrific opportunities to sample international favourites as well as some Egyptian delights by the Red Sea.

International flavours are easily found within SOHO Square as well but the real traditional treats will be served at the Bedouin Bazaar. Street vendors and some indoor settings give you the opportunity to try koshary and molokhia; two local favourites.

Simple to get around

Transfers to your accommodation from Sharm Airport are likely to take less than 20 minutes.

After your transfer you could enjoy a fantastic holiday without using transport again. The beach is close to the majority of resorts and the shops and nightlife of SOHO Square shouldn't take more than 20 minutes to walk to.

If you'd like to see Naama Bay or Nabq Bay then taxis are available to drive you to each. Those looking for adventure can hire tour companies to take them across Egypt in search of deserts, mountains and lakes.

Best time of year to visit

Summer temperatures in Sharks Bay will test you with highs of 37C in July and August. Thankfully the beaches are often cooled by breezes blowing in from the Red Sea. There also is plenty of opportunity to cool off in the sea or in the restaurants and bars.

With extreme highs in summer, the winters remain hot too with temperatures often hitting 20C even in December. The spring and autumn seasons provide minimal rainfall and hot temperatures so this could be the ideal time to enjoy holidays in Sharks Bay.