Ras Um Sid Holidays 2024/2025

The incredibly tranquil Ras Um Sid boasts a location close to Naama Bay and one of Egypt’s most famed national parks. But what this little resort lacks in size, it makes up for in activities. Its shore is renowned for its excellent diving conditions, so check out our fantastic range of package holidays to Sharm el Sheikh and start planning your underwater adventure today.

Ras Um Sid Holiday Deals

Beneath the water’s edge

Found at the tip of a peninsula, Ras Um Sid tones things down with supremely laid-back holiday vibes. This portion of the Red Sea is famous for diving excursions, claiming coral reefs and the amazing array of fish species below its surface.

While Ras Um Sid is pretty limited in size, its proximity to Naama Bay and the Ras Mohamed National Park make it a great holiday spot. The Sharm el Sheikh region’s supremely dry climate can make Ras Um Sid feel pretty far flung, however the range of cuisines and nightlife will have you feeling right at home.

Dive in

Diving is an integral part of all Sharm el Sheikh holidays, and the shores along Ras Um Sid are renowned for their Red Sea diving opportunities. The coastline is chipped with coral reefs, while the water is so clear you’ll think you’re staring through glass. Get up close and personal with a wide range of underwater species ranging from parrot fish to manta rays, once one of the many rental facilities located onshore helps you get suited up.

The beach here is jam-packed with sunloungers and umbrellas, so there’s plenty of chance to relax. Plus, don’t forget to sample the good mix of restaurants, perfect for grabbing a quick bite to eat. As many of Ras Um Sid’s hotels are dotted beside the coast, you’ll never be far from these placid shores.

Ras Mohamed National Park

Wedged between the Red Sea and the desert of Sinai is the Ras Mohamed National Park, a protected area that boasts some of the best diving spots in all of Egypt. It’s around a 30-minute drive from Ras Um Sid and well worth the journey. Even if you’re not a diver, the park offers forests and grasslands to explore as well.

Coral reefs extend across much of Ras Mohamed’s coastline, with more than 220 species of coral within its waters. More than 1000 species of fish call these reefs home, as well as starfish, sea urchins, turtles and sharks.

On top of an incredible array of coral reefs, the park also lays claim to the wreck of the ‘SS Thistlegorm’, a ship that went down in 1941 after being bombed by German troops. Its rusted remains are now the dwelling place of tuna, barracudas, moray eels and many other fish – a must-see on any Egypt holiday.

Seriously worldly cuisine

When you’re not dining at your All Inclusive resort, the greater Sharm el Sheikh area provides a wide array of cafes and restaurants to explore. Indian, British, Italian and Japanese – you name the cuisine, and you’ll find it here.

Much like the food, the atmosphere varies in this part of Egypt. Dining here comes in all shapes and sizes, from rooftop bars to waterfront cafes and bustling, neon-lit restaurants.

Because Ras Um Sid is such a small area, you may also want to branch out to neighbouring towns. You won’t be going too far though, as many of Sharm el Sheikh’s smaller resorts blend together.

Nearby Naama Bay

Naama Bay is one of the most popular resorts in Sharm el Sheikh and is located just 15 minutes south of Ras Um Sid. It’s a purpose-built resort modelled on classic Egyptian towns, so you’re bound to find all the makings of a fulfilling holiday here.

Like Ras Um Sid, Naama Bay’s shores are also primed for diving. If you’re looking for something a little different, there are bazaars lined with tents selling handmade goods. The spectacular nightlife keeps this part of Egypt awake well into the evening, and Naama Bay even boasts its very own Pacha and Space brands, bringing world-renowned DJs to Egypt’s popular shores.


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