Nabq Bay Holidays 2024/2025

Nabq Bay is a tranquil seaside resort surrounded by surprisingly green natural beauty that sits within a conservation area. So, you can expect everything from desert, mangrove, coral reefs and exotic fish. With long sandy beaches and ankle deep water at the shoreline, it’s the ideal destination if you’re looking for package holidays to Egypt that offer complete relaxation.

Nabq Bay Holiday Deals

Relax in tranquil surroundings

The idyllic Nabq Bay area sits within the largest Managed Resource Protected Area in the Sharm el Sheikh region. This allows a huge variety of land and sea ecosystems to thrive here, including over 140 species of plants, miles of mangrove forests and animals such as gazelle.

The old town of Nabq Bay has retained its original Egyptian charm with traditional whitewashed buildings and a spacious feel. Newer features also blend in with this older style, creating a relaxed, easy paced atmosphere.

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  • An abundance of coral reefs

    There’s plenty of room to stretch out and sunbathe on Nabq Bay beach – you may even see a Bedouin walking his camels along the shore. Located within Nabq National Park, the beach here has a slightly unusual formation with very shallow water at the shoreline, until you reach half a mile and the water deepens.

    The abundant coral reefs make Nabq Bay holidays a popular option with snorkellers. Explore the fascinating underwater world and marvel at the many species of fish in the warm water of the Red Sea. If you’re keen on scuba diving, head for nearby Naama Bay. Just a 30-minute taxi ride away, it’s a diver’s hotspot, with several diving schools and frequent trips below the depths.

    Enjoy the shops and restaurants in Nabq Bay

    There are lots of opportunities to browse and shop in and around La Strada Shopping Centre, which is laid out much like an Egyptian souk with a bustling cluster of stalls and shops. You’ll find brightly coloured cooking spices, finely tooled leather goods, hand-painted ceramics and plenty of choices for souvenirs. It’s traditional for vendors to haggle over price, so it’s worth making your best offer in an attempt to grab some bargains.

    There are also several restaurants and bars to linger in while you watch the lively action around you. You’ll find international favourites such as burgers and pizzas, British-style venues serving Sunday roasts, and a vast range of delicious Middle Eastern cuisine. In the evenings the pace livens up, allowing you to enjoy some excellent food and a few drinks after a hard day of shopping.

    If you want to do some high-end designer shopping, enjoy fine dining and take in bustling nightlife, be sure to head to sleek Soho Square in neighbouring Sharks Bay, just 15 minutes away by taxi. For a full-on party destination, lots of shopping opportunities and an energetic atmosphere you can also visit the region’s busiest resort of Naama Bay.

    Take in the beauty and wildlife in Nabq National Park

    In 1992 an area of several hundred miles around Sharm el Sheikh and Nabq Bay was declared a designated conservation area. This makes it a superb destination if you enjoy exploring natural landscapes and spotting rare wildlife.

    At Nabq National Park you’ll find over two and a half miles of mangrove forest, teeming with a multitude of plant and amphibious animal species. You’ll also be able to spot a wide variety of birds such as herons patiently eyeing up their next dinner. Out on the desert plains and sand dunes there are even more wild animals to be seen, including wily desert foxes and hyenas.

    Discover more of the area by taking guided tours on quad bikes or trek on horseback to get a real sense of adventure in this expansive, untouched wilderness. You can also book excursions to enjoy Bedouin-style evening meals out in the open desert under the stars.

    The ideal spot to relax and unwind

    Nabq Bay is the perfect destination if you’re looking for an easy-going, relaxed holiday where you can simply sit back and enjoy the surrounding natural beauty and superb views. It’s also a well-placed base for exploring the Sharm el Sheikh region, with neighbouring Sharks Bay and Naama Bay just a few minutes drive away.

    If a relaxed break is what you need, be sure to check out our fantastic range of cheap holidays in Sharm el Sheikh.


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