Jumeirah Holidays 2024/2025

With the beach on one side, the glistening skyscrapers of downtown Dubai on the other, and a whole range of shopping and dining in between, Jumeirah is the heart of the Persian Gulf.

Jumeirah Holiday Deals

Opening the doors to the world

Many of Dubai’s residents and the expats who’ve come to call it home, made their livelihoods in the residential district of Jumeirah. But combined with the homely feel, this is a tourism zone in its own right, with plenty of stunning Jumeirah hotels to choose from.

Jumeirah is distinct even in the varied cityscape that is Dubai, thanks not only to its coastal feel, but also due to a slightly more relaxed outlook than its bustling neighbourhoods. While the likes of Dubai Marina and Business Bay thrive on their flash entertainment and 24-hour activity, Jumeirah holidays have a much more laid-back feel. It’s a great place to stay to enjoy a local feeling, and have a peaceful base from which to enjoy the adventures and fun that Dubai promises.

The beautiful beach

Jumeirah Beach sprawls like a golden smile along the shoreline of Dubai. With the skyline behind you laced with towering skyscrapers, before you is a swathe of sand where families play, couples stroll and sun worshippers lie back and let the hot sky take them.

You’re just as likely to be enticed by the aromas of grilled barbecue or hot seafood wafting from any number of beachfront restaurants. Likewise, a colourful cocktail by the setting sun as it shimmers on the waves is a fine way to give a toast to Jumeirah Beach’s beauty. And of course, if you simply must get out into the water in the boldest way, you’ve got options to enjoy scuba diving, watersports and plenty else besides.

Landmarks and culture aplenty

In Dubai, they do things big and with style. Jumeirah is definitely an example of that, covered in gleaming white architecture. There are also lots of appealing hotspots, like Dubai Water Canal, where light and water shows take off after dark. While the Burj Khalifa downtown might be the famous tower of Dubai, the Burj Al Arab is Jumeirah’s ode to the sea. Its distinct shape is meant to evoke the sail of a dhow vessel, and it’s wonderfully photogenic and well worth a tour.

Meanwhile, remnants of local heritage are worth exploring for more classic architecture. Jumeirah Mosque is a gorgeous example of intricate design, while Madinat Jumeirah is a painstaking replica of old Arabic towns from days gone by.

Shopping and dining

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for an alternative to the immense malls found further inland, you can get your shop on visiting Souk Madinat Jumeirah. As the name suggests, this place is styled like the classic Arabic souks and bazaars of olden times, yet has an open airy modern feel where you’re as likely to find a fashion outlet or a gadget emporium as a handmade basket.

That mix of Dubai style and ease of access is found in the restaurants dotted around Jumeirah too. While you can eat the flavours of the globe anywhere in this city, in Jumeirah there are a few specialist places that not only tend to be easier on the wallet, but also draw fewer crowds. 3 Fils is a fine example of that, showcasing Asian flair for flavour under its Singaporean owner.

Street food is also massive here if you’re out and about, so check out the famous mini-burgers of Salt. That said, the spices and Central American flavours of Lima Dubai sees Peruvian dishes done right, and is a must for budding foodies while in Jumeirah.

Making a night of it

When it’s time to drink and dance, Jumeirah has you covered. While quieter pubs and sports bars are easily found, for many it’s the allure of flashy cocktails and sharp style at Club Boudoir that sees pulses racing and glasses clinking right until sunrise. A classy time can also be had in the dark wooden interior of Hendrick’s, where Southern Comfort, gin and martinis are poured to the sounds of soft jazz.


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