A guide to food and drink in Limassol

When you decide to take a holiday in Limassol, you’re choosing a location where some of the best restaurants in Cyprus have set up shop. That means you’ll be taking in some of the best dishes that the traditional Cypriot menu can offer – halloumi and feta cheeses, mezzes and succulent grilled meats. There’s plenty of seafood too, thanks to the nearby coastline.

Exploring Limassol's delicacies

Limassol is one of the major cities on the island, adding cosmopolitan flair to your Cyprus holiday dining options. You’ll find Italian dishes, American steakhouses and the flavours of the Far East waiting around every corner. There are also plenty of pubs and restaurants where the best of British is very much present and correct on the menu.

Of course, when the chance to taste traditional Cypriot cuisine comes about, it’s worth trying too. Sheep milk cheese with a crumbly texture is a particular Limassol speciality, known as anari, while desserts include the ever popular baklava, full of fruits, nuts and syrupy stickiness. Locally produced brandy has a distinctive zing to it, so make sure you try a tipple with your meal during your holidays to Cyprus.

A French twist at La Maison Fleurie

For some French and European style, head here for escargot, foie gras and some of the finest wines this side of Larnaca. La Maison Fleurie is also famous for its chicken and duck dishes, and the seafood menu is one of the best in town. As you’d expect from surroundings like these, service is among the finest on the island, and every effort is made to give you an extra special dining experience.

Arabian nights at Cleopatra Lebanese Restaurant

You’ll easily recognise this place by its golden exterior, bright lights and exotic atmosphere, but it’s the service and the food that has really made it famous.

Arabic cuisine, as well as lamb, rice and falloush dishes, are just part of the menu in this distinctive eatery. Both locals and holidaymakers make this the place to be seen as far as dining-out goes, so make sure you show up in some smart-casual threads and settle in for a relaxing meal over traditional Middle Eastern music.

Turning Japanese at the Zen Room

Japanese food is growing more and more popular, and in Limassol the Zen Room has gained a fine reputation for its sushi, teriyaki and tempura, together with tasty seafood. The decor is sublime, with sleek modern layouts inspired by the Far East – it’s like a trip within a trip. The commitment to style doesn’t mean you’re going to find this place lacking in substance however, because as far as both portion sizes and flavours are concerned, the Zen Room tops the bill.

A taste of home at The Woodman Sports Bar

You might have thought that your holiday to Cyprus would mean giving up the simpler pleasures of home, including a nice Sunday roast in front of the football. Luckily, the Woodman celebrates the best of British throughout, from the rustic pub design through to a menu heaving with steak, chips, mash, gravy, ribs, chops and, of course, plenty of lagers and draughts on tap.

You’ll find some fellow British holidaymakers here, soaking up the atmosphere after a hard day in the sun, so don’t be surprised if you come back once or twice more to catch up with new friends during your stay in town.

Italian flavours at Al Borgo Pizzeria

There’s a whole range of Italian meals to be had here, but as the name suggests, it’s the handmade pizzas that keep people coming back for more.

With a range of toppings that go from traditional to exotic, the flavours and aromas will stay with you long after the meal is finished – and pizza back home might never taste as good again. This is the place to find out how they make pizza in Rome, Naples and Florence, where it isn’t just a fast food or something to order in for a night in at home with your friends, but instead a sublime meal rich in texture, flavour and flair.