A guide to things to do in Latchi

You’ve just arrived in this idyllic seaside village – but don’t let its down-tempo lifestyle fool you. Latchi is a destination in Cyprus that is growing in popularity, and that’s because it blends culture, good food and lively nightlife. You won’t be seeing the wild antics of Ayia Napa here, so don’t be afraid to take to the moonlit streets in search of good food, fine wine and finer company. That said, Latchi is located in one of the best places on the island for sightseeing and adventures alike.

Take a tour through the Troodos mountains

Once you make your way inland from the soft sand and sparkling sea, Cyprus holidays offer a rugged and lush landscape where adventure is never far away. The tremendous wealth of history that the island offers only further adds to the fun – and there are plenty of touring options open to you.

Maybe you’ll decide to take the 4Ã4 Troodos Safari, which takes in some of the most remote sights of the island’s western region, with local foods to eat and folks to meet along the way.

Alternatively, take the Treasures of Troodos route, a journey that takes you through the sumptuous greenery of Cyprus to a 12th-century monastery filled with ancient relics.

Experience the legendary Baths of Aphrodite

Heading west on your way to Paphos, make sure you stop at this stunning example of Cypriot architecture. The site is said to have been the location where Aphrodite bathed while courting her lovers, and the romantic nature of the place is also felt in the surrounding environment, from the secluded sandy beach to the trail leading to the Fontana Amoroza.

Tales are spun about the natural spring – it’s said that whoever drinks from it will be filled with youthful desires.

Celebrate the September Peanut Festival

Roasted, salted, plain and more – in Latchi, the Peanut Festival traditionally marked the successful end of the season in the peanut groves in the rural hinterlands.

Today, it’s more of a collective harvest festival that marks the end of the hot summer of hard work on the farm. There can surely be no better way to mark the occasion than by eating everything that has been grown. Tourists are just as welcome as Cypriots to take part in the festivities, and you can expect a huge range of food and drink to celebrate with under the soft September sun.

Feast on the catch of the day

Seafood is the beating heart of Latchi, and there’s everything from calamari to sea bass on the menu. The town’s reputation as a fishing village is not just local urban legend – you’ll be able to taste the expertise for yourself when you sit down at any of the city’s high quality cafes or tavernas to tuck in. Catering to its many British visitors, Latchi has also become home to a local fish and chip shop, which is a good place to stop if you’re really after a taste of the UK during cheap holidays to Paphos.

Stock up on souvenirs

Latchi has that small town charm you’re just not going to find in places like Larnaca, which makes the traditional handcrafted lace, the finely crafted silverware and the delicious olive oils less expensive than in other major tourist hubs. That said, there’s plenty of shopping to be done in Latchi, and a savvy customer will be happy to find that haggling is alive and well in the traditional shops and markets. It’s a bargain hunter’s paradise.