A guide to food and drink in Latchi

Visiting tourists come from a wide range of places to spend time in Latchi during their Cyprus holidays, so there are a few spots where you can taste some more familiar flavours. Burgers and pasta can be easily found, and there’s a fish and chip shop if you’re eager for a taste of good old England. There are also plenty of great options if you’d like to sample a taste of authentic Cyprus and its traditional cuisine.

Exploring Latchi's delicacies

In Latchi there’s a meal for every occasion, and even the fussiest of tastebuds will find something to enjoy. With locally grown ingredients and many restaurants serving freshly cooked dishes you can expect to find some delicious dishes to try.

You can sample tasty skewered Cypriot specialities like kebabs seasoned with fresh lemon juice and herbs. You could also try souvlaki which is thin slices of lamb, chicken or beef served on pita bread and topped with salad, hummus and Tzatziki. Or you could opt for kleftico which is a hearty lamb stew that’s slow-cooked in a kiln for a minimum of 24 hours.

Eat the Mediterranean way at Porto Latchi

Just a short stroll from Latchi Beach, Porto Latchi is a modern, open plan diner. You get the choice between traditional Cypriot meals such as prawns, saganaki or melitzanokeftides – roasted aubergine fritters – together with Italian pasta like carbonara or spaghetti bolognese. There’s moussaka and beef casserole to be had too, as well as hamburgers, pork chops or a full blown seafood platter.

The wine menu is also fantastic, with bottles from Italy, South Africa, Australia and beyond, ready to accompany your meal.

Taste treats from home at Debbie's of Latchi

Holidaymakers have given heaps of praise to this traditional English cafe, and it shows in the taste of the breakfast fry ups and the soft white bread they use in their sandwiches.

Debbie’s of Latchi is British-owned, and takes such pride in the flavours on offer that all of the ingredients are especially brought into Cyprus to ensure the taste is spot on. It’s not just a breakfast bar, though – lunchtime visitors will find rolls and cakes aplenty, and the evening menu gives you lots of English favourites to choose from.

Watch the beautiful game at Elias Inn

This place is a cafe of two halves – you can choose to enjoy your fish, pasta or steak indoors in front of the sport on the big screen TV, or you can head out to the beachside seating to engage in a spot of people-watching over dinner. Either way, portion sizes are famously big and the staff are friendly. Whether you prefer a sea view or the Formula One to go with your meal, this is one retreat that will make sure you head back out on your adventures full and rejuvenated.

Enjoy Cypriot tradition at Yianni's Taverna

Of all the tavernas serving traditional meals and giving great hospitality in Latchi, Yianni’s Taverna is the one with its finger most firmly on the pulse of the average holidaymaker. Its menu combines local meals with international offerings, and although the venue itself is sublime in its location – hidden beneath grapevines to shelter you from the sun – the takeaway menu allows you to grab something to go if you’re pressed for time on your holidays to Cyprus.

Dine by the harbour at Nicandros Fish Tavern & Steakhouse

Watch the yachts bob under the hot Cyprus sun while you try out some of the biggest and best-cooked steaks on the island at Nicandros. The restaurant combines old fashioned architecture with up-to-the-minute style and service, so everything from moussaka to seafood is going to be brought to your table with a speedy smile. It’s a family owned business, and that shines through in its cosy feel and warm, welcoming cuisine.