A guide to things to do in Nissi Beach

During your Cyprus holidays you’ll likely want to do a little more than stretching out on the sand and soaking up the rays. Although we could hardly blame you if that was the main reason you’re visiting. In fact, Nissi Beach is perfect for a sun-soaked holiday and famous for being one of the best beaches in Europe. But there’s still plenty to do on holidays to the Larnaca region, from waterparks and diving through to eating and drinking in some of the local hotspots, not to mention shopping and historic tours. You’ll need another day sprawled under the sun just to rest up after it all.

Stock up on souvenirs on Nissi Avenue

If you’re looking for the slickest sunglasses or some inflatables for the kids to bob in the water on, Nissi Avenue is lined with shops selling everything from beach essentials to local handcrafted trinkets. There’ll be plenty of sweet treats to try, as well as the chance to get on the bus and head to the designer boutiques of Ayia Napa if you want to step out in style.

Ride the waves with some watersports

There’s a fantastic watersports facility right beside Nissi Beach, not to mention a fair few others scattered throughout the wider area. Wherever you choose to go, you can rest assured there’s plenty of action to be had as you try your hand at surfing, waterskiing and parasailing.

With so much clear blue water to cruise around under those perfect blue skies, the call for adventure is too strong to ignore. And if you’d rather go a little deeper, there are diving opportunities for beginners and experts alike.

Go wild at WaterWorld

Nissi Beach is close to the famous WaterWorld, a waterpark styled after Ancient Greece, but with plenty of modern fun. There are corkscrewing rides, plumes of water to play in and slides to race down from giddying heights. For quieter time, there are more laid-back areas too, like the playground or the sunbathing area. It’s a family day out that hits all the high notes without breaking the bank.

Hit the bars

The fun doesn’t stop after the scorching sun goes down, and you can guarantee that both your fellow holidaymakers and the local Cypriots don’t plan to stop any time soon. Nissi Beach may be part of one of the biggest party scenes in the Larnaca region but a more mellow tipple or two can be found if you know where to look, from the cocktails at Bacchus Bar to the late night rhythms of Nissi Bay Beach Bar.

Traditional meals and global dishes

You’re not going to run out of options for food in Nissi Beach as Cypriots love their mealtimes, which are a core part of the local culture. You’ll get the chance to try everything from halloumi and mezzes through to pizza, pasta, sushi and burgers. Check out Managas on Nissi Avenue, or head to Gardens Bar for live music with your food. Alternatively, stop by the local tavernas for a bite of tradition.

Explore the island

Nissi Beach is the perfect platform to adventure. Try boat trips at sea for sun, fun and parties, through to nature trails, off-road vehicle rentals and the chance to discover the ancient ruins and rich history of Cyprus. There’s something new around every corner, but thankfully there’s always warm and welcoming Nissi Beach to recline on when the adventures of the day are done.