A guide to the best beaches in Nissi Beach

Nissi Beach is one of the best beaches in Europe, in terms of party atmosphere, family friendliness and relaxation potential combined. Yet Nissi Beach is just one of many close to Ayia Napa and the wider Larnaca region, so before you head off on your Cyprus holiday adventures, make sure you’re setting time aside to see some of the finest shores the island can offer.

Nissi Beach

We can’t do an overview of the region’s best beaches, or even the best beaches in Europe, without giving some love to Nissi Beach itself. And what’s not to love – smooth white sands lapped by idyllic blue waves, with access to watersports, loungers, volleyball and some of the best sunbathing you’ll experience in the Mediterranean. The village surrounding the beach has access to everything from shops and supermarkets to restaurants and hotels, so the best of the island is right at your fingertips.

Latchi Beach

A little further west of Nissi Beach is Latchi Beach, which is located close to one of the famous Cyprus waterparks. Despite that, it’s nicely secluded, and shelters have been built for holidaymakers who want to scoot aside of the bustle to be found elsewhere. Either way, this small beach is neatly tucked away, so it’s brilliant if you’re fixed on getting some quiet sunbathing in.

Pantahou Beach

Chances are, if you’re visiting Nissi Beach on your holidays to Larnaca, you plan to swing by Ayia Napa, and that means you’ve got the chance to visit Pantahou Beach. This area is known by several names, including Harbour Beach, Greko Beach and Kryo Nero – but any which way you slice it, there’s a long stretch of golden sand to be had here, together with access to the best bars, restaurants and watersports adventures in Cyprus.

Landa Beach

Tucked into the curve of the bay, Landa Beach leans more towards the natural than the developed, with little in the way of shelter or built-up areas. What that means is just you, the sand and the sea, sheltered on each side by protective rocks that add to the private feel. It’s little wonder the other name for this place is ‘Golden Beach’.

Vathia Gonia

Also known as Sandy Bay Beach, this stretch of sand sits close to Nissi Beach, although is much more focused on relaxation and exploring. There are several nearby nature trails that slink around and away from the gorgeous coastline, while the opportunity to try snorkelling and a selection of watersports is a big draw for the area.

Makronissos Beach

Three bays make up this area, which is a few kilometres west of Nissi Beach, yet comes complete with some good places to eat and drink, together with wide and inviting stretches of sand. They say you can always tell where the true heart of a destination is by where the local people go, and for southern Cyprus, Makronissos Beach is definitely it – popular with both Cypriots and holidaymakers, and the perfect place to make new friends.

Katsarka Beach

A small and often serene place, Katsarka Beach is a little removed from Nissi Beach, but well worth the trip if you absolutely have to have some natural, unspoilt shoreline to yourself. The beach is often quiet and is popular with families due to its more remote location. This is one stretch of sand that definitely makes a change from the Cyprus norm. There aren’t a great deal of facilities located in the area around the beach, so bring some snacks and drinks.